I'm giving up. I pass on this Game! Maybe Spoilers!

Dear Snapshot Games, Dear Community,

I actually wouldn’t even open a thread in this matter but I have to write this down. This game is the first game in my 20 year gaming career that I quit before finishing it (besides any kind of souls like game, I will never touch one of those).

The last mission was too much. I couldn’t kill the the Yuggothian receptacle. I made it the whole way trough the mission to him and did 3000 DMG, then my ammo went out. So I was there sitting and watching my soldiers die in the respawn while the receptacle does nothing except pushing up and down its stupid shield and spreading panic. In that moment I was dying inside. All the work for nothing.

The whole mission itself was pain before. Four Chirons, four Sirens, two Scyllas everything thrown simultaneously at you, only separated with you by a huge wall.

And after all this effort you end before a shrimp because you have no ammo left.

I mean I could just replay the mission and stock differently. Instead of so much medpacks I could take more ammo with me. But playing the whole mission again. I pass.

I know git gud. Blah Blah Blah. I know how to play. If not I wouldn’t have come to the last mission.

The point I want to tell is that the game over all wasn’t fun. In general the game isn’t bad but it was so unstatisfying to play that it felt like work and honestly if I have to choose I will rather got to work then playing this.

The enemies in this game are so weird. They’re feeling so strong and so weak at the same time.
Mostly because it’s the sheer number of them. In the last mission I must have killed around 40 enemies till I wiped. There it seems clear where my ammo went. Besides that It seems their is no restriction to the pure power of their abilities. A siren screeching through the big wall but actually not seeing any enemy. That must be the famous x-ray view that I heard of. Standing there and repeating it for four turns in a row. Four turns. You for real? With no penalty what so ever. Mind controll with no penalty? Yeah just controll my whole team in one round. It’s ok.

I could rant about this for hours. And write curses for hours. But this wouldn’t do anything good and is not the purpose of this thread.

Overall I only want to stat one clear thing. Right now if some one would ask me: “Hey, would you say I should play Phoenix Point?” My clear answer would be: “Do not even thing about buying this, except you like being disappointed in your life.”

Is there a solution? Might be! But mine would be to overhaul this whole game (for example not to make the boss a mega bullet sponge for nor reason what so ever) or to abandon it for ever.



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