Legacy of the Ancients weapons are too OP

Game Devs, are not Mind Readers. Nor are Players of the games. AISI, the Devs should listen to the wants of the player, and accommodate where plausible and possible. But then what fun would a game be, if you do not take up the challenge, and figure how to beat it. With, or without help from Forums such as this?

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I find your English to be better than most native speakers/writers. :wink:

Well I never said they were or should be minder readers and I agree, the Dev’s should listen to players and reasonably accommodate what fits within the vision and constraints of the game design/genre/philosophy.

“Fun” is subjective. I find if I put it on veteran or hader, it’s like taking my head and pounding it into a wall (though that was true for Rookie too when the game very first released). I would spend hours trying ot get…well practically no where. While other people were playing on the hardest mode and going, “Man, this game is so easy”.

It was definitely NOT fun and not a challenge, it entirely outclassed me because of my vert casual playstyle. The forums weren’t really any help, because their suggestions were to do things in a way that wasn’t fun or interesting to me. I put the game down and hadn’t come back to try and play again until patch 1.6.

And it was kind of hit and miss, but the difficult was better. Rookie wasn’t not too hard for me and veteran a bit more of a challenge than I liked…They’ll never get the balance right for me, but as long as the get something close and something in my range, I’m happy.

And that’s how I think it should be…get close…eventually mods will exist which will let people tweak it to more fine details of ease or challenge.

and that applies to your challenges and paths in game as well, in my opinion. It’s always a balance, catering to all these different and some games have an easier time than others. Seems like they are mostly on the right path.


Looks like the latest patch fixed the OP issue for Late-Mid game to Late game. Very few One Shot Kills I am seeing now.

Coming back to this old thread because I have taken a screenshot which shows how strong the Scyther is when used with a specific setup (Assault / Infiltrator with Vengeance Torso) and also to get an impression of its AoE effect in an arc up to 3 tiles distance:

This is a triple kill with 1 AP usage, the Close quarters specialist perk isn’t really needed, it deals 600 damage without this perk thanks to Sneak Attack, enough to kill all the foes. And even when SA should be nerfed, in this situation it would be 2 attacks to kill all three enemies, 2 AP spend and all AP back because of Rapid Clearance.

My Terminator build No. 1, IMO beats anything that is also possible and no personal perk is really necessary.
The one in the screenshot has additionally anything that makes this even stronger, CQS, Quarterback and Thief, so full stealth and with high speed (base 24, with Frenzy 36).


IMHO, this was Devs’s response (trolling) to player complaints about a bad fight with melee weapons.
+ trolling to “complaints about OP skills”

PS. Team of 5 Wizards
Feedback on Phoenix Point as a XCOM Veteran

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This is “only” my second team, all maxed out close to my first one.
I do a long run just to try out how long it will go (currently at 01.05.2047, population at 46% and decreases very slow since I destroy any base that arises) and to test some of these … things.
I did so many missions that it is no real problem to max out some more soldiers as usual, two of my first soldiers have 96 missions and currently I use them rarely, only if necessary (because they are more than maxed out with +328 SP and nothing left to spend on).
Oh, and also “only” on Veteran difficulty.

Ups, no, this one is my first team, the second is the one of the other thread, now I’ve messed up the two :wink:


Stats of Mrs. OP No. 1 in pictures:

As you can see from the pictures, I have more resources than I ever need, so much that I even built the less efficient plantations to produce food. The ancient weapons also cost no maintenance thanks to infinite ammunition …


This is the wizard overlord or overload :rofl:

What comes to mind right now: For those who would like to have a “reverse difficulty”, the LotA DLC is exactly “made for it”. First play through the contents of the LotA and then create with OP weapons and SP rewards some wizards, with which you can then enjoy the rest of the game stress-free with “some click around”.

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Created a new topic Rebuilding the Statistics / Parameters of the character

This will never happen, the devs like wizards for sure.

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I have also a special wizard for you as you “like” bombardments:

Wizard Bombardicus:

Assault / Heavy with the new Vidar light grenade launcher, normally 1 AP to use, with Boom Blast 0 AP, only restricted by ammunition because it has only 1 shot. But well, there are some others in the team and as an Assault with Ready for Action … MANY bombs are raining …

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Thank you!
Shoot bombs with 0 AP forever! Finally Boom Blast is worth to have.
With stackable Mark for Death (bug or maybe not) the balance on the player side is corrected and the game is finally winnable :joy:


Be careful, it is very expensive, one grenade costs 12 materials an 1 tech, I had mission where I had to spend over 200 materials only for the grenades. But look at my resources …

Oh I guess, this must be the „hidden“ challenge .


Man I spent a good time wondering which grenade launcher was that, even went to the wiki… until I read the end of your post :joy:

Why did they choose to make this 1AP and not 2?

It is there, but it is an Assault weapon, down on the bottom: http://wiki.phoenixpoint.com/Assault_weapons

Because not only do they like wizards but also wands?
Honestly, I don’t know, after I’ve researched it, all normal hand thrown grenades were pretty useless for me.

Another thing and not documented is that the Trooper perk gives proficiency for this beast (I guess because it is an Assault weapon). I have one Heavy / Infiltrator with Trooper … 105 Damage and 10 shred per grenade for 0 AP and Boom Blast also makes reloads for free … :bomb: :boom: :skull_and_crossbones:

Assault? :scream:
I haven’t seen the new stuff yet. I thought it was for heavies too.

It’s not possible that they didn’t think of boom blast, unless all the game designers AND devs were replaced by new ones and the old ones redirected to the new game… maybe they did this on purpose because there are planned changes to 0AP shots or boom blast?

If not you’re right, they love wizards and wands and we should name our characters after harry potter characters :grin:

This is probably a bug since Trooper is supposed to give only AR proficiency, report it through F10 and let’s see if they fix it.

Well, looking from the base it is quite limited because it has only 1 shot and then it needs a reload, so basically 2 AP if you want to shoot again. Assaults have Ready for Action, so they can reload for free, but I think this is still OK because you need inventory slots for every single grenade. What I have done with an additional squaddy as inventory extender is somewhat quite special. And it is as weak as the standard Odin grenade with 50 damage and 10 shred but is only available in a later stage of the game (needs acid worm autopsy, so after Lairs are introduced) when there are some other, better grenades already there. And finally the grenades are not really cheap when you use them en masse.

I’m really undecided whether this is really too strong or not. The use and builds I have described are still very special.


On higher difficulty it is much earlier in your hands, because the clock is much faster.
This shows again the imbalance of the difficulty levels. On higher difficulty you only need to survive the early game but than you get the high tech toys much earlier through unlocked research. After this the game becomes „easy“ again.


Oh, nice to know that. It seems strange to get it later on because by then you’ll have access to different grenade types… the 1AP less and 4 more range may not be enough versus the versatility the array of different grenade options bring, along with one less inventory space / one more grenade. That is, unless you go the wizard route and dual class to heavy, or the “wizard + wand” route of a heavy with trooper (which I hope is a bug).

Well… if you have enough strength, you can always take it with 1 or 2 ammo plus some different grenade types, I suppose. My assaults always take an AR + SG + medkit so 3 slots. That would leave 6 more for the launcher + 2 ammo + 1-3 other grenade types.

That changes if the guy is a heavy too, though. I like my heavy weapons, all of them, the heavy becomes prepared for any situation if he takes 3 or 4 (cannon, GL, MG, acid cannon, fire thrower)! This Vidar GL surely seems better than the Goliath GL with 1AP vs 3 and only 10 less damage 5 less range, but having to lose a lot of inventory space… not so sure anymore… BB with 2 grenades from GL is already pretty good.

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