Feedback on Phoenix Point as a XCOM Veteran

For me personally, the genius of PP, in contrast to the mass / casual FiraCom, lies in the re-release of the “UFO System”: TU, Ballistics, Inventory (+ close to reality). If this System of Three is in Perfect Balance, then this is 60% Success for me. (current game rating is 70%)


Well I agree with you,m TU system, Ballistics (but not first person) and Inventory is what the game does good.

To bad the rest isn’t.

Now (more than 2 years ago) the TBI System is a mess, not a Tactical balance.
OP skills (over 200% effective) break each of: TU, Ballistics and Inventory. The excuse that this is for Casual players cannot be accepted until there is an opportunity to try “Legal” skills.

Also, the “TBI” System is broken by the Imbalance of Parameters (Strength, Will, Speed, Weight, Accuracy, Stealth …) of People and Monsters. (Parameters at or near Max. break the game) Appalled by Steam (Reviews) - #67 by noStas
add Rebuilding the Statistics / Parameters of the character

IMHO, in Ballistics there is no option “quick shot offhand” (this is not a stupid option only for a sniper), this is a mistake if the game forces you to use mainly Aim shot.


Phoenix Point, like the Cthulhu enemies, is constantly evolving, and improving. With over 2500 hours in the UFO/XCOM series, and 300 in Phoenix Point at this time. My money is on Phoenix Point, because XCOM really has gone nowhere slowly, in improving their game. Regardless the fact I still play both.

Mostly agree with the following; [quote=“Telendar, post:9, topic:12520”]
Top 3 love

  1. Vehicles
  2. Real Balistic
  3. Enemy design

Top 3 hate

  1. Virus/paralysis
  2. R&D - Weapon/Armor tier
  3. Class balance

About this Hate thing. Which I do not Hate in the game, but would enjoy seeing implemented as a fix: 1. No Soldier Left Behind. Yes the option to Assist a paralyzed soldier by either Carrying them, at a reduced movement rate of course. Or shaking them out of a Panic would be a great thing to have. It should also end the turn of the soldier doing the rescue shake/wake.
1b. A Virus is a what it is. However It would be great for surviving soldiers to be able to build up an immunity to that kind of attack in the future. Perhaps halving, or quartering the affect? Just more overhead to add to the game processing.

  1. Always thought that you should get a bonus for a Base named R&D, Aviation, etc. Enter Micro Management of the game, and a much longer play.
    2b. Stores Management could be a thing, wherein you set the level of Ammo, Armor, and Weapons per base. Manufacturing plants would have a meaningful purpose then as they keep up with the demands per base.
    2c. I can get on board with an Armor Tier by Faction. Which seems to be lacking for all.

  2. I’m not seeing this OP thing, you mention. But it would be nice if a Sniper got a tighter hit box at range, than the same one the Assault Class has.
    3b. The Heavy … No Splash damage with that mini-cannon it totes is a huge let down for me.
    3c. More a Love than Hate for me: Line 'em up, and Light 'em up! aka Spray & Pray. It is my experience, that Grouped enemies are vulnerable to any missed shots within up to three tiles behind, in front, and 1 tile next to your main target. Place your shots wisely.

That’s my $0.02 Cents worth in adjusted E-Coin.

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How soon you forgot about Overwatch. Which is your Quick Shot offhand. To be fair and honest, an Accuracy Bonus would be nice for having cover to brace the weapon on.

This is preparation for shooting at the enemy’s turn.

Imo, “Quick Shot offhand” is a current shot without Aim, with less accuracy and less AP, for example: -50% acc, 1.5 AP with retention in the center of the mass.

“auto-shot” - already contained in options 1 and 2, if the weapon allows.

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Your opinion comes off as an uneducated one. Quick Shot, offhand in Real Life says so. Both are actual aimed shots. One is a more careful aim than the other. Quick/Snap shots are roughly 1 to 2 seconds. Aimed are 2.5 to 4 seconds, which in combat is an eternity. Or so my experience has shown myself, as a Veteran of Vietnam, and post Nam Deer, and Bird hunter.


If I read and understood the topic correctly: Knowing Geometry for quicker Call of Duty

For me (playing XCOM on Classic, familiar with various turn based games in general)

What I like in PP:

  • Real Balistic system
  • combat design opposite to modern XCOM, where usually enemies must be killed in first turn
  • Vehicles
  • apocalyptic & Lovecraft setting - I am also fan of original Fallout and Darkest Dungeon
  • interaction with factions

What I do not like in PP:

  • Class & Skills balance/design
    Here I would like to state, that for me, the skills rather look a bit like magic spells (willpower can be mana), than tactical skills, the gap between basic classes - super deadly sniper and weird heavy
  • Environment variety
  • 3 weapon ready slots (i know, that can play only with 1 weapon) this is not only cosmetic feature - on begging of turn, player can choose, which weapon will be used for attack - Heavy cannon or Sniper Rifle; this is element, which directly decreases tactical depth

Mana reserve like the High Mage. A team of 8 High Mages with the ability to spam with spells of the Highest level. And each has three Unique Wands :selfie: :muscle: :mechanical_arm:

Who played similar games before?

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I apologize in advance if the text is slightly crooked, since I use Google translator.
After nearly 100 hours of playing Phoenix Point, a number of suggestions came up:

  • the ability to change the equipment of soldiers outside the base looks very unrealistic, replenishment of ammunition (ammunition, first-aid kits, etc.) is normal, there may be a supply on the plane. But changing the armor or weapons that you removed from a soldier from another plane or from a base, which is on the other end of the map, is an imbalance;
  • Instantaneous operations on mutations or augmentation are also not realistic, even if the soldier after the operation loses all his vigor, then he will have to restore it at the base for at least a few hours. And by the way, conducting such operations outside the base is also not realistic, it is necessary to make such operations possible only on those bases where there are corresponding buildings;
  • a full random of research points, in my opinion, is not very good, just save / load leads to the fact that you can choose the most profitable result of points exploration. You can somehow fix this, for example, at the moment of arrival at the point and the beginning of its scanning;
  • the same full random with the skills of soldiers that are hired at the Phoenix base or come after rescue missions. Through save / load, you can endlessly reroll their parameters. It is necessary to somehow fix this, then the players will be interested in coming up with new builds of class combinations to maximize the use of soldiers;
  • add “hot” keys for skills, selection of soldiers and other things, this is not critical, but many “old” players are accustomed to the keyboard and mouse, not just the mouse;
  • make filters in the “soldiers” section by class (main), it is very inconvenient to scroll through the list when you have 20-30 soldiers, make a rank by level;
  • it is very inconvenient when on the plane you lined up the soldiers in a certain sequence, and on missions this sequence flies, you can somehow fix it;
  • well, and probably the last one for today - after a reboot on missions, soldiers sometimes turn off their skills, it is not possible to use “jerk”, “observation”, and even a “shot” sometimes becomes unavailable.
    Thank you if you listen to my suggestions. Hope they were helpful.

I suppose dash, bad Google Translator :slight_smile: Maybe we need the JERK skill :))

Finished first Steam YOE campaign, on rookie, 2 months, easy Synderion way out. No mutations, no cyber enhancements, but used a lot of mark of deaths on Entity

What game needs is:

  • A bit more mission types, enemies and weapons :slight_smile:
  • Different solution to Panda power but constant attacks on heavens in later part of game - like in UFO aliens had different types of missions, not only terrors
  • A way better final mission, too many ordinary enemy, Entity too protected but passive, something more dynamic after 2 Scylas attack
  • More unique soldier skills rather then generic class ones, to make them different
  • Finding some better solution to running over different bases, just because its all over Earth - I preferred XCom freedom of creation where bases will be. Maybe just first base is given, and this means nests-lairs etc. wont be dependent on radar to be discovered
  • Game is interesting and has a great tactical level, but at general grand strategy level feels quite passive
  • Saving “score tables” after finishing the game, so players can compare performance :slight_smile:

Must have knowledge:

Classes and Skills:

I am using a Translator -> Extension for Chrome

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Might & Magic ? :relaxed:

Phoenix Point reminded me a bit of “Baldur’s Gate” , a old-school isometric RPG. there is similar -ready weapon- system, and multiclass as well, but You must decided between full potential of default class, or advantage of multiclass, so it is important decision with pros and cons

  1. Quick change of Weapon - gives from 2 to 4 slots, which depends on the Character. (most of them have 2)
  2. Weapons: a) Hard class limitation, b) Melee weapon dominance, c) Trash / Gray and Old / weak (a lot) equipment.
  3. This is Real Time with a pause, and the main thing is Auto-Battle!

Imo in Result: 2 slots, lots of restrictions, and Auto-Battle.
(This is my first look and analysis of D&D)

First look? I would bet money, that You played it. Anyway You are right; the Baldurs Gate is completely different game. but probably only one, where I saw the multiclass system

And with PP ready slots came comparison with BG,
only these 2 things reminded me BG

as I said other topic, the Phoenix Points’s “ready slots” is very special compare to other similar games

inventar JA 18_inventorystack

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Actually, this is very good point


For brevity, can you give the TOP-3 of Love and Hate?

I already gave it in a previous post but here you go :slight_smile:

Top 3 love

  1. Vehicles
  2. Real Balistic
  3. Enemy design

Top 3 hate

  1. Virus/paralysis
  2. R&D - Weapon/Armor tier
  3. Class balance
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I think the number 3 is too small for both sides, so I am summarizing a few things, also because I believe that it gives a better overall picture.

Top 3 love:

  1. Free aim, ballistics, body part damage system.
  2. The sheer amount of possibilities in character building with classes, abilities, armour, weapons and also partially in the global strategic and in-mission tactical decisions (though this could be even more).
  3. The general Pandoran evolution system and design (could also be more).

Top 3 hate:

  1. The general pace, too much happens in a too short time frame and also too much simultaneously (top hate)
  2. Balancing of some skills, abilities and also some weapons and armour for both sides.
  3. Diplomacy, abusing the way to go aggressive against factions is way too easy with too much reward and/or too low penalty.