Ancient DLC – Bug report – Feedback and other new weapons (This will be long)

I have just completed two full play throughs focusing only on the Ancient DLC weapons (the second play though kept scrambling the graphics on every move at the last mission so the final part so could not be completed fully).

Comments: The DLC is amazing, the weapons are just brilliant, but I will get to that because there is a quite a few bugs, and it seems the F12 report is no longer working so I need to put it all here, sorry!

First a look at the new weapons with this DLC: (all the new weapons no longer need ammo, I just love this and makes the effort to get them all worth it)

1: My most FAVORTE weapon and the game is just not the same without it… This weapon is perfectly done, right amount of power, not to heavy not to light but just RIGHT… Please don’t change a thing on it… The design, sound effects and general feel are also just perfect. And the power is perfectly balanced.

The Scorpion: (Sniper Rifle) – Remember NO AMMO is ever needed again
Damage: 180
Piercing: 80
Range: 58
Act/pt: 3
Hands: 2
Weight: 4

Comments: This weapon is has been well thought out and designed

The Shard Gun (Shot gun)
Damage: 25
Piercing: 15
Burst: 15
Range: 13
Act/Pt: 2
Hands: 2
Weight: 4

Comments: This one is a little under powered and needs a boast in Range and power because you have to go through a lot to get this and it is just not worth it at the present, apart from the fact you don’t need ammo, but the other new shot gun “SlamStrike” is far better and much easier to get, but I will get to that. So this weapon really needs a work over, I hardly used it, I went for the SlamStrike” even though I needed ammo for it.

The Rebuke (Grenade launcher)
Damage: 90
Shred: 30
Blast radius 3.5
Range: 25
Act/Pt: 3
Hands: 2
Weight: 5

Comment: This weapon is another one that is balanced just right and a PERFECT replacement for the old launcher for the heavy (this is a HEAVEY only weapon) but well worth the effort to get. It is perfect for the “Range Blast” effect.

Crystal Bow (Cross Bow)
Damage: 60
Piercing: 40
Range: 41
Act/Pt: 1 (Over Watch is always free “no Act/Pt’s required)
Hands: 2
Weight: 3

Comments: this is “OK” but a little boast to the power would be nice considering how hard it is to get this.

The Mattock (Big stick to smash things)
Damage: 200
Shock: 400
Range: 1
Act/Pt: 2
Hands: 1
Weight: 5

The Scyther (Bigger smashing Stick)
Damage: 300
Shred: 30
Range: 1
Act/Pt: 2
Hands: 2
Weight: 5

Comments: All ok, the bigger smashing stick seems better to use, but I don’t play this faction much and don’t have many of the men able to use it.

Overall view of the new weapons… is an outstanding 9.5 out of 10… this is a great edition and well worth getting… However, and there is always a however!

The effort to get these weapons if far to complicated, as I mentioned I played it through twice to really test this out. The first time I had to take and control only three sites to get the weapons made, the second time it took a staggering SIX sites!!! It is very hard to take and hold these sites and having to get 6 sites to make all the weapons is well… just crazy! I guess I was lucky the first time through? But I truly love the fact you can make a GUARDIAN to protect your site, it gives you entire team supper powers! One time I missed that there was an invasion and the guardian took out the entire attacking force alone, only just, I thought I was going to lose several times, but managed to scrape through with a very severely damaged guardian but we made it, you really do need to support him… However, this feature is brilliant!

Some faults with the DLC system that needs to be addresses here:

1: You need to be able to make all your weapons with just three sites taken, having to take more is just unreasonable due to time factors so this needs to be fixed

2: Guardians should not need “special” materials to build, you really need them ASAP and this is just an extra problem

3: You should not need to scan for the site because this again takes up to much precious time, there should be a “Rosetta Stone” at the first site telling you were the others are, or some kind of map. AND…. Three sites should be the maximum, it was really tedious having to take SIX sites… AND hold them.


There are quite a lot of bugs, it may be my graphics card but it is a 4Gig Nivida set to the lowest settings (for speed) so I don’t think this is it?

1: Screen will often stick to the curser and you need to switch weapons to release it

2: The REBUKE (grenade launcher) there is quiet a few issues here when you fire the weapon as part of the effects is to “shake” the screen, but this creates the following issues:
a) The Scrambled screen, you need to select the next target to fix this
b) The White Out screen, you need to select the next man to fix this
c) The Black screen of DEATH… You must F5 and reload to fix it
d) The Strange morphing objects, you can’t fix this, game over!
e) The Jittering screen, every action or movement causes the screen to jitter this then creates the “morphing” effect eventually and it is game over, I could not complete the final mission due to this. So close!

3: Game Re-load problem… All “Over Watch” ability is disabled, you can no longer use Over Watch until the next round even if you have never used it, and the message says you can’t use twice in the same move, but it was never used to start with.

4: The AI gets very, very slow latter in the game even on what seems to be a simple mission with few actors…?

5: When there are many teams and different bases I found that the “Stamina” of one team would just not come back, I needed to change bases. But there was a full working base with hospital and it fixed the blue health line but just would not fix the stamina?

6: Still losing one movement space when an enemy is spotted and your man stops, this is not doing it all the time so there must be just one function or condition that has been missed here because it is definitely doing it and it can make all the difference to winning or losing the mission.

7: Skill Selection problem: I had a red encumbrance and added skill points to bring it to “all good” then I selected the “brawler” skill and it reset the encumbrance to RED? Selecting another skill should not affect your encumbrance.

8: Over Watch not taking effect, when I was in the last mission, the one I couldn’t Finnish (which may be related) the over watch did not activate when it should have? It was clearly in the range and close but the purple beastie Zombie seemed to be immune to it and was able to walk right up and attack me?

SPIDER MINE BUGS: (clipping issues)

1: 3 mines disappeared into a rock in the lair
2: 3 mines disappeared into a Tree in a Syndrion map
3: 3 mines went into a wall in the Base defence mission
4: 3 mines disappeared into the mist next to a Scalla on a NJ map

This is a lot and 12 mines make a big difference to outcome and cost.

Final comments:

The overall game is now brilliant… There are some things to tidy up and adjust as I guess there will always be. I have truly enjoyed this game for the first time since getting the backer build when it first came out. I am looking to get a new system to really test this game and it will have a 24Gig graphics card and so I am looking to see how it will play then… The new Vidar Grenade launcher is a perfect edition along with the SlamStrike Shotgun these two new weapons are perfect and need no tweeking at all again a perfect balanced weapon!

Looking forward to seeing the fixes……

F10 has replaced F12 for reporting bugs.

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thanks for letting me know!

Completely agreed this needs to be simplified. To be honest, I never had your nerves to harvest all resources to build any of those marvelous weapons just because way its implemented.

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After having built and tested all of the weapons I can honestly say I never want to play without the “Scorpion” again…:slight_smile: The fact you don’t need ammo and it hits hard makes it the only weapon of choice for the final round were ammo was always an issue! Add the “rebuke” grenade launcher to that list and your ready to take on the big boss… It really made a difference having these weapons with endless ammo. But it is very hard to get them and this process needs to be sorted to make it truly magical…:slight_smile:

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Fully agreed, I liked living weapons because of the same - no reload, leaving more space for medikits and other stuff. It was my plan with Ancient Weapons but its so painful to get there that I gave up

There is a way you can get to use them…:slight_smile: It is all about the resources, so you can eliminate this problem. I used this process so I could fully test them all. Here is the answer:

1: Start new game and go to geoscape start screen
2: press “Up Arrow”, “Down Arrow”, “Left Arrow”, “Right Arrow”, s,n,a,p,s,h,o,t and the console will appear

3: type in “show_me_the_money” it ill give you 10,000 of EVERYTHING you can only use this console one time because when you close it you can’t open it again until you reload the game so make sure you give yourself enough resources for the game, I like to give myself 120,000 of each this just seems to do the job nice. So type this in 12 times or as many times as you feel you need, then hit to close the console.

4: You still have to do everything as normal but you do not need to worry about getting the resources once you control and hold the mines. Then you can make all the weapons you like!

This really made the game so much more fun for me I can’t tell you because now I am exploring lots of alternatives and items and seeing how it all works. I am getting to really test out all the great stuff and new weapons.

Hope this helps!

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Enabled it on easy, seems not to work on Legend.
I am not sure does it give you special resources needed for ancient weapons, but does give enough :slight_smile:

LOL, topic about cheating and using overpowered stuff. :slight_smile: How not to like it?

If we are in such mood then I would love to have ‘KILL’ button on the screen to eliminate desired enemy once (or more times) per turn. :smiley:

I will just admit that these (Ancient) weapons probably need to be like that, because people don’t know how to handle enemies. Their stats suggest that they are meant to be weapons that eliminate enemy’s resistances and strong sides. And they are mostly suited for prolonged game and safe approach. So yep, let them be like that. They are really hard to get and maybe it is worth the effort?

On the other hand one can end the campaign, before being fully equipped with those overpowered weapons, so from efficiency perspective they are not worth the work needed to obtain them.

This only convicts me that game needs ‘second wave’ option to turn on, where higher difficulties are meant to pose difficulty and disable overpowered stuff. If someone likes power play and having overpowered stuff he will just switch it off.

The problem is, if the DLC2 is to satisfy the whole “I want win now” people, these OP weapons must also be MUCH easier to get (maybe right at the start after 2-3 missions). Otherwise the whole thing will bypass the target group. Then we have at least one consistent DLC for overpowered stuff.

Yes it gives you ALL the resources for EVERYTHING…:slight_smile: I used it to test out the new weapons so I picked rookie anyway as I just wanted to see the weapons etc… I have not tried it on legend? Next time I am on I will test it to see if it does that for me to. However, it is a console command so it should make no difference what level you pick, but you must do it BEFORE you save the game I found that if I save it the console will not open unless I reload the game…

Well ancient weapons still require all their resource sites (what a stupidity!) but I have one like when I can in the end mass produce some: new soldiers can stand up to end game creatures IF equipped with ancients shotguns, granade launchers etc. :slight_smile:

Yes you still need to control and hold 6 sites to be able to make the weapons even if you have the resources! However, that is not a bad thing, it is fun to play the sites and beat the guardians. The other thing you can do is when you take control of the site you can immediately make a guardian of your own, they are awesome! Anyway, I only use this as a way to test out all the weapons and having the resources does that without having to keep stressing over macro management and soldier losses.

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Also, the more arch labs, the faster one gathers resources.

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Don’t you need only 3 sites? Each processing site for each resource?

This is hardly explained in-game, thanks

Yes, but since visualy they cannot be distinguished (OK hodling mouse over gives text) you end up running to all mine sites you can discover.

anyway, it enables developing and almost mass producing ancients weapons way faster since overall development is faster: all bases can be bough and then production and research get extreme boost. A lot of reverse engeenering helps before fist and second alliance, so overall speed is acceptable to feel overpowered fast (especially if you invest in planes and building 3 plus teams overally).

No scyllars or lairs yet and all mines under control, almost all POIs done, two alliances, all mechanical techs to mod obtained as well as living weapons. So one feels ready for whatever mutates :slight_smile:

So infinite resource mod hidden deep in options is best key to real “easy and learning mode”.

Having even rookies a bit trained and equipped with good armor combo and some ancient weapons eliminates a lot of resource waste on ammo, coupled with good tactis and better ships can answer late game complex battles.

Its easy when almost infinite basic resources are available at start plus the gains (10 gimme money chants in console, not really infinite jost a lot … :slight_smile:

Artificially and easy, new rookie mod could combine half resource cost for recruiting, researching or base cost and building instead of console cheats use. Costs could scale with difficulty making macro map and overall managment equally important as strategy. Currently resources avail at start scale as difficulty, but this can be done much smarter. If start resources are few, higher difficulties should have all production and research at x2 cost, but x3 discovery and mission resource reward as max (to rookie levels).

Surely battle engines, balancing, new Pandorans or mutations and better “AI grand strategy response and match the squad strength” AI should also be implemented. As well as new weapons and armors: living weapons and ancients are best at that. Better equipment for all feels even better then mutating soldiers or augmenting them, as is available to all and changable effecting strategy by smart user decisions. What one brings in battle should have more combinations and affect.

Like Civ6 user decisions could influence rewards: in Civ6 who beats more barbarians gains war resarch and production boosts. In better PP economy and reward One who recruits 5 soldiers from fractions should have future lower recruit cost at that sites or overall. One who recruits base trained soldiers should have future lower cost.

Back to Ancients DLC: Let ancients be more present, attacking all around mine and battling them enables mine location. Make some use of their dead and introduce capture - we want crystal shields, scylla powerfull daze bash of strong radius and laser firing “eyes” :)))) Or mech legs. And for Jah love, just beating aliens at site starts resource gain with some rafinery sites just boosting it all. And no even Panda attacks on mines or orbiting planes. If Pandas beat ancients no matter the PP (they see and attacking since start) they control mine and can even mutate some of ancient features. Tritons fighting with laser eyes and arms or Panda mutated ancient shields? Hated sirens now having some guardian features?

Introduce more Ancients and backstory discovered as anim or info at every ancient site.

Edit: Show Me Money console Cheat works on Legendary too, now its nicer challenge :slight_smile:

Recently I have had to take and hold 8 sites to get all the resources, the first time it only took 3, the second time it took 6 the third time it took 6, the 4th time it took 7 and the 5th time it took 8 sites! I am on play-though 6 now and so far I have taken 4 sites and still can’t make all the weapons! So NO it is not just 3 unless your really lucky to get all the different ones straight up! Like I must have done the first time…?

Of course you need to find the 6 right ones, so it can happen that you have to explore all 12 (that’s the maximum, 3 mining and 1 processing site for each resource).
But you don’t need to conquer each of these sites, to process the ancient weapons you need 1 of each mines and the 3 processing sites = 6 in total.

Edit: If you cheat resources then you only need the 3 processing sites.

In the wiki it is described more in detail: Legacy of the Ancients -

To produce ancient weapons you only need the Living Crystal Lapidary, the Orichalcum Forge and the Protean Mutane Refinery.
To gather the ancient resources over time you need at least one Quarry, one Mine and one Field, but not all of them. And of course place an aircraft with at least one operative, mutog or vehicle on these mining sites.