Legacy of the Ancients Trigger?

Was the trigger moved somewhere else? I’m entering late game in Year One Edition and still got no rescue the scientists mission. Although I haven’t progressed in PP main objectives other than the first one and can’t remember what was the trigger.

Look here: http://wiki.phoenixpoint.com/Legacy_of_the_Ancients
Or in short a quote from there:

DLC 2 content starts with Project Glory research that is unlocked after finishing Rise by sin, by virtue fall.

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Ah thanks. Current campaign kept me busy from doing the 3 sites.

One question:
Have you seen any Arthron Umbras until now? I wonder if it is possible to delay them by simply not research the Project Glory.

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Their appearance is unrelated to player actions, AFAIK.

(I did a test run where I just fast forwarded the game, to see how long it takes to lose, and in the evo reports I still got Umbra and Armis and the crystal Chiron)


Interesting … and how long it takes to lose?

On Legend under 3 months.

On Rookie, More than 14 months. Though that is probably a bit RNG, because on Rookie Pandas can’t have more than 5 bases, and as I didn’t destroy any to allow the appearance of new ones, there were quite a few havens out of reach, so I had to wait for them to starve, basically.

I didn’t try on Veteran or on Hero.