PP & Lore of the Ancients Feedback (Questions)

With a couple hundred hours under my gaming belt, in Phoenix Point, here are a couple things that I feel could be done, to improve the game for Novices, or Beginners.

Phoenix Point Bases It would be nice to have a simple animation for each section of base we create. IMO, that would give us a sense of activity, seeing mini characters & vehicles moving about performing various tasks, like; Exercising, and/or HtH Practice in the Training Center.
Elevators that periodically have people entering or exiting.
Labs, and Factories doing things automated.
Hangars where Vehicles or Aircraft are being repaired/loaded, etc. … It’s the small touches like these, that make games Epic.
:100: :+1: :clap:

LotA Ancient Sites Please give us a small Animation that show these sites are active and working, so we know when to send our aircraft there.
Or … Add a Research/Build/Deploy, Automated Supply Transport that we can assign to ferry materials from Ancient Sites we have activated?

Looking forward to see what comes of this anthill I just kicked. :wink:


Just purchased DLC2 today. OK, got the missions up to Scythe mission (which is on Antartica so it will take some time to reach)… there have been several of them like Crystal Crossbow etc. and I have researched several weapons (very nice ones) but cant see mines to get the needed resource.

So far there have been no new in game enemies :frowning: Sites were guarded by pandorans, fractions or independents.

Do you have build one or more of the ancient labs, after that the scanning drones and then scan areas? These are needed to reveal the Ancient Sites. There are 6 different types, 3 types of mines for each new material and 3 types of processing sites which you need to “use” these materials for building the new weapons.

I dont see them at base building list, all I get from sites are artifacts blueprints, very nice weapons. Very bad execution of new resources for my taste.

Building Ancient lab, but dont remember I have been informed of its existence in any meaningful way.

Also, Pandoran attacks on heavens are waaay less for no rational reason? Maybe its just start in middle of Asia, but I am way into game with 8 multiclassed soldiers and I got like just 2 heaven defences so far …

Hmmm … I personally didn’t play after the last patch but I remember that they introduced a little wall that the player has to jump over to get further down the road to the ancient sites. I think now you need to solve one of the normal story missions first to get a step ahead. I think it was the “Time vault” that also tell us something about the Ancients. Maybe you have to that first? Or have you already done it?
Look at the patch notes of the last patch, I believe it was mentioned there.

I found something in the pacthnotes:

Project Glory now researchable after the first mention of the ancient civilization in the main story

I don’t know exactly which mission mention the ancients as first, but maybe that’s what you have to look for.

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OK, got the vault and progressing, got the probes, launched them, found the first mine. Tricky job.
Have a lot to build and no magical resource :slight_smile:

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I would recommend holding off a new campaign until December 3rd, as the Polaris update is massive and will wreck your saves…

For LOTA mechanics you can check out the wiki:


Aware of, turned auto update off in EGS until finished trying :slight_smile: But thanks for reminder

So Lab can be build after Saving Helena? Some big on screen info should be put, like for mines.

The process seems unnecessary complex, some simplification would be most welcome. I do understand its super weapons we get in the end,so its worth of try.

The key to playing LOTA well is ignoring LOTA :slightly_smiling_face:

If you try to go in too early you will waste a lot of resources and the missions to take over the sites are difficult, very unforgiving. Also, to get the weapons you need everything (labs - you want at least 3-4 to reduce costs and time - , sites, schematics, resources, etc), so it pays to get it all at the same time, when you have enough planes and operatives.

Having said that, you do get resources for conquering each site and you get skill points for recovering each schematic…


LOTA Missions boosted team quite well.

OK got the mining site (just one, but starter), cleared the guardians (too bad you cant research their remains) but how to extract? I see in info you send you need “proceing site”. Its not a base building.

Processing sites are also some new sites to be scanned by special probes? If I came by plane I just have option to place guardian to defend the site, but at present have no resource to do so.

While I missed info on lab for the first part, this part is a bit more confusing.

No, you don’t need other Labs or Drones, the 6 types of sites have simply different names. Just scan ahead and you should be able to see the difference in the names.
More Infos you can find here:

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You need to have a plane with at least one soldier in it at the site. The rate of extraction per hour is # of arch labs. So the more arch labs you have, the faster you can extract.

Yes, you find it the same way you found the mining site. You need to control the processing site for the resource (there are 3 resources and one processing site for each type of resource) in order to be able to manufacture the weapon that requires the resource.

You can place Guardians because eventually the site will be attacked by Pandorans, just like a base or a haven.


thanks. very complex execution :wink: but one day we will have super weapons!

Very nice weapons, and ammo free (significant for palace mission!), seems its all mechanism to slow down progress to squad size production of new toys :slight_smile:

I still find it annoying that we don’t see cargo ships shuttling back and forth from the base of origin, the base you send the ship from, to the Dig site. :frowning: That would give a sense of things going on, like with the AI ships going to AI bases we already see.

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Time in this game seems to be very relative between different players and so does the amount of soldiers needed. I currently have four teams of six, plus 8 reserves in training. I do play on assumed Ironman mode and enjoy taking losses. But be assured that haven and base attacks will increase depending on which level you play. The reason for four teams is simply because a time comes when they’re needed.

Having said that, with the Ancients DLC, it’s probably worth waiting till later in the game to assault them, because the mission can be brutal on first attempts. A mature squad helps vastly and the final weapons are very powerful to balance the efforts made. They are probably overpowered relative to the game - so perhaps are nice end of game weapons.

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