Launcher will not move to secondary monitor

I run a multi-monitor setup, technically a ‘second’ monitor attached to my laptop. The launcher can be dragged all over the place on the screen easily enough but if I try to drag it from my laptop display (right, 14") to the 2nd screen (left - 24") the launcher will go freely until the right edge of the window gets to the left edge of the laptop display - then it stops, as if it’s stuck or being pinned and can only move vertically.

I can work around this - sortof - with WIN-SHIFT-LFTARROW to force the app to switch screens. It drops the app into the middle of the screen, but I cannot drag it around at all; the launcher will only move up/down on this secondary screen.

Item of note: I do run the game in full screen mode, not windowed - but that’s the game, not the launcher. The launcher really seems to not like secondary displays as far as freedom to move the window around goes.

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Plus on top of this launcher on multi monitor setup goes haywire and change the scaling of its content and dimensions of the launcher window if you try to smack it too many times on those invisible borders causing it to crash or hangup completely.

I also have the problem on my 3 monitor setup. I can move the launcher anywhere on the middle and right-hand monitors, but there is an invisible wall for it on the left-hand monitor. In my case, the laptop is the left screen and the middle and right are separate monitors.