BB5: Make the mouse stay inside game monitor

I think there is more people than me that have more than one monitor. The game needs an option to have the mouse locked inside the game monitor when the game is active. :slight_smile:

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I have two: a 4k where i play and a 1080 where i have the data i need to play: xls sheets with the weapons, the list of where i have already scanned, etc…

If the mouse is locked in the main screen how do u use the other?

after alt+tab :slight_smile:

ForrestFox meant an option - not fixed feature. :wink:

Win 10 is not Win 98, maybe it’s just a bad memory of the past, maybe just because i have an old box and close to the limit with the RAM, but alt tabbing out of a full screen is not a good thing to do.

What’s the issue with the mouse not staying inside BTW?

Maybe losing focus of the game or not being able to drag camera in the direction where is second monitor? For me it is not an issue, but for some other players it can be annoying.

Ok Long time playing RTS where using the mouse to scroll the screen is for N00b :wink: so used to scroll with WASD and having screens of different resolution half my left side can be used to scroll, with two identical you cannot.

Playing windowed with borderless window doesnt solve the problem? Those options should be available in the final product