Full screen/Borderless/Windowed - borderless issue

I found it somewhere in the discussions, but cannot find any official bug reported to that topic. So let’s have it here - for borderless it’s expected to have similar experience while in full screen mode, but without any minimisation whenever we click outside of the game. That’s how it works (or should work), thus the fact that it still minimises the game (so behaving exactly the same way as with full screen) is a bug and provides no real profit from using borderless mode.

And indeed the loading times are so painful, that it’s necessary to have an option to look at something else while the game is loading and still see if it loaded already or not (plus it sometimes crashes when you try to open the game that is under loading while minimised).

Agreed on all counts- same experience here!

I have a solution/fix for this Because this is a Unity Game –

If you want window mode and to be able to click on another monitor and the game not minimize you need to add this -popupwindow to the command line arguments in the Epic Games Launcher. it is real easy follow these instructions

Open the epic games launcher and click on the settings at the bottom - scroll down to the very bottom and find the Phoenix Point drop down and click on it - inside check the Additional Command Line Arguments box and put in this exactly -popupwindow
lastly Run the game in Window mode, not Borderless .

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