Primary Monitor issue

I have a three screen setup. It defaults to my left monitor (Windows calls monitor 2). Monitor 1 is my primary monitor.

The game shows that it is set to Display 1, however it is actually on my 2 monitor. To fix, I had to select display 2 in the settings (which is what it was actually showing on), exit, then come back in and select “Display 1”. Exited, and now it is correctly on my primary monitor.

Also, the resolution was set to 1080, which took about 20 clicks to finally get it to go to the 2k resolution of the monitor due to all the Hz options.

GTX 1080
3 monitors (in order: 1080 @60, 2K @ 144 GSync, 1080 @60)
Windows 1903, latest nvidia drivers as of yesterday.

I vaguely remember having this issue in backer build, but I didn’t remember it taking multiple tries and so many clicks. My fault for not reporting.

Also a side note: The game starts minimized. I can click on it it and restores fine.

I can confirm, I had the same problems!