Disable scroll/move map on window edges if ESC menu is opened or mouse leaving monitor

Hey there,

I’m playing with multiple monitors and was experiencing this somehow disturbing auto scroll of the map even if the ESC key was pressed and the menu was opened (inside a mission), if I was moving my mouse to the right screen edge to go to my 2nd monitor.

The map auto scrolls/moves to the right side all the time as the mouse is already at the 2nd monitor, which makes no sense imo.

You should stop the moving of the map if you leave the monitor where teh game runs in whatever direction AND imo also if you press the ESC key to show the menu, the autoscroll/move of the map should stop.

It does this in windowed mode as well except it is worse! you can’t scroll with the mouse even in the window! everything has to be hot keyed! Stopped using it in windowed it drove me crazy!