Launcher causes network glitches

while the llauncher is running my system experiencing glitches to 0 every 10 seconds

everything else is running smoothly

downloading and playing works perfect

when i play the game and kill only the launcher over taskkill the problem is instantly gone and all is working properly

networ adapter:


Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit (10.0,Build 17134)


The launcher uses P2P by default, so it may just be uploading data. You can disable P2P in the launcher options.

done before and again to be shure
went throu all known issues
no change
reinstalled on different drives

Xsolla Launcher is only for Backers Builds support? Full release will use gog or steam updaters? Just asking. I didn’t have any problems with it.

yeah, the Xsolla launcher is only for the backer builds

Glad to hear the p2p, explains some issues with streaming in the house the other day.