Last boss - bugs (Spoilers)

Normally a priest saves you from psychic damage dealt by the boss.

But since Danforth every round I get damaged by him, whereas my priest is standing in the middle of the troops.

AND: The soldiers marked by the Yuggothian don`t change anymore. They get more and more.

Even my turret gets the damage. This is no living unit!

That is no fun!

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Known bug to be fixed in the next hotfix/patch

I’ve given up until they fix this. Every time they roll out a “fix” for something they manage to break something else. Makes you wonder if they’ve ever heard of beta testing, doesn’t it?

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So annoying, even mechanical unit, like turrets get Mark of the void damage.

AND: Mark of the Void doesn`t change affected units, more and more units get affected.

Last mission totaly broken by this.

I stop playing, until they fix that.

Or take technicians with a lot of medkits with you.

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Yeah, [quote=“Yokes, post:5, topic:10903, full:true”]
Or take technicians with a lot of medkits with you.

Sorry, that is no solution for me. I want the game mechanics run correctly.
Technicians are just a workaround.

What If I didn`t align with NJ to get the equipment for the technician?

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And VVA-2 arms, I don’t go to the Palace without a couple of technicians

Never needed them before.

Then you have to await until a fix is completed, and you include a Priest in your team

I took a priest with me and the Exalted was also with me.
Unless fix is out, they don`t help.

I know, it’s what I said, if you can’t complete the mission in the current state of the game, just wait for the fixed bug

Damn, todays Patch didn’t fix it. Der devs, please consider fixing this game-breaking bug asap.

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Just ran into this bug yesterday while playing. Couldn’t finish the mission as my whole team dies from psychic attack before I can complete it. Luckily I saved before I entered the final section where the attacks begin. I hope they patch it soon.

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Hi, sadly this isnt considered a bug anymore, but a feature.

If you like or dislike it, feel free to tell us.

I don’t dislike it, I hate it.


Hate it! If it stays a feature then I will not play the game again and no longer recommend the game.


I understand your feelings.

I recommend writing your opinion in the canny:

would you prefer Mind Control from the “last boss” ? Because I think that boss ability would fit the Lore

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First of all, it appears that it is only supposed to affect units within 5 tiles. However, it is reported that it goes beyond that limit. Second, if it’s not psychic damage, why is it that appears to be that the Mark is projected psychically and not physically? It appears that in their fix to insure that it now causes damage, they recreated the acid solution and crossed all boundaries. I’m not suggesting they undo it, but that it at least fits the rules.

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Whatever the last boss has as an ability, there has to be a way to counter it. Mind control, can my priest block it? The damage now starts right when I enter through the large archway. By 6 turns into that area my team is almost completely dead (taking 20-60 damage each turn)unless I have a lot of medkits available. Which I don’t if I’m carrying a lot of ammo. If the hardcore players want it, then turn it on at the higher difficulty levels. I’m just a casual player, having fun with the missions, as I get to the last battle. I want multiple ways to win and not a puzzle where I have to figure out the right combo of soldiers and inventory items.