Last boss - bugs (Spoilers)

Normally a priest saves you from psychic damage dealt by the boss.

But since Danforth every round I get damaged by him, whereas my priest is standing in the middle of the troops.

AND: The soldiers marked by the Yuggothian don`t change anymore. They get more and more.

Even my turret gets the damage. This is no living unit!

That is no fun!

Known bug to be fixed in the next hotfix/patch

I’ve given up until they fix this. Every time they roll out a “fix” for something they manage to break something else. Makes you wonder if they’ve ever heard of beta testing, doesn’t it?

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So annoying, even mechanical unit, like turrets get Mark of the void damage.

AND: Mark of the Void doesn`t change affected units, more and more units get affected.

Last mission totaly broken by this.

I stop playing, until they fix that.

Or take technicians with a lot of medkits with you.

Yeah, [quote=“Yokes, post:5, topic:10903, full:true”]
Or take technicians with a lot of medkits with you.

Sorry, that is no solution for me. I want the game mechanics run correctly.
Technicians are just a workaround.

What If I didn`t align with NJ to get the equipment for the technician?

And VVA-2 arms, I don’t go to the Palace without a couple of technicians

Never needed them before.

Then you have to await until a fix is completed, and you include a Priest in your team

I took a priest with me and the Exalted was also with me.
Unless fix is out, they don`t help.

I know, it’s what I said, if you can’t complete the mission in the current state of the game, just wait for the fixed bug