Priesthead mutation bug

I posted this else where too, but, we have a bug in the mutation menu, that doesn’t allow use to select any of the Priest Heads or the Resistor head.
Picture for reference, and this is on PC(Steam release).

Same here, on legendary and finally got my Technician into a priest and… no priest’s head :frowning: Gonna have to stop playing the game until this is fixed.

Also noticed in the screenshot, the head mutation is wrong? First one is empty, and the second and third one is actually the first and second. Same thing happening to me.

I have also encountered this bug. I restarted a campaign twice and it has occurred each time. Possibly related to picking up some of the techs through the marketplace?

More than likely just a bug introduced with the DLC and not related to anything one does. It seems that this is the most bug infested release to date. Even after the CC reported them weeks prior to release. SG going out the outdoor with a bang.

It doesn’t have to do with the DLC… I disabled it and cheated a bit to get the needed conditions and the priesthead mutations are not there either. So it has everything to do with the patch, and nothing to do with the DLC.

Keep in mind that game may be updated with or without DLC enabled. Therefore DLC release may affect and introduce bugs to those who don’t even have DLC at all. It doesn’t have to be related to additional content directly.

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Technically… but this is why they release updates when they release the DLCs.
But like I said, I played the game without the DLC and the error was still there, so it’s the patch that broke the game, not the DLC.


Sorry for this. We are aiming to release a hotfix this week and this is one of the things that will be fixed.