Danforth and the Mark of the Void

So, when is the hotfix to address this coming out?

To address what exactly?

Psychic Ward not protecting against Mark of the Void.

But it is a feature, not a bug.

??? A feature that doesn’t do what it claims to do is a bug, in my book. If Psychic Ward isn’t intended to prevent psychic damage, why does the information say it does?

It is a bug and has been reported, and is being worked on. There will be a patch to deploy it, but I have no date at the moment.


Skill that negates last boss attack… And do it passively without any work done by the player… Ok… I’m not a designer. But I like it the way it is right now.

Well, the player must work to keep their units under the umbrella of protection. So it’s not totally passive. If you are happy with the way it is, don’t use priests. It’s as simple as that. It’s been recognized as a bug, accept it.

yeah yeah, don’t use Rage Burst, don’t use Priests, don’t use skill multiple times, don’t use multiclass soldiers, don’t use Electric Reinforcements, etc. Or maybe others should learn how to play and developers should balance game right to make it tactical and believable.

We are talking here about fight with final boss - it shouldn’t be easy and cheesy.


You are welcome to play any way you want to. Even go in with no armor and only use original pistols if you want. But when an element of the game is broken, the devs need to know. As it stands, the final mission is a bullet sponge bore. 2 buffed Scyllas, buffed Sirens, the final boss, etc.

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@Yokes I agree with you, final boss need to be harder

I completed Danforth without Priests protection, but the point is that this MoV is a reported(and confirmed) bug,
You can create another post proposing alternatives or new powers for the Entity and more people will join with more ideas

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But why to create new ideas for development if it already works well, even if it is a bug. Change it into a feature! No development time and cost needed. :slight_smile:

So the other bugs that exist (accessing haven defender’s inventory, trading without going to a haven, etc.) should stay just to reduce development time and make some players happy.

That is not a bug but intended behaviour to not allow players take over defender’s equipment.

Is it possible? Then it can be fixed, as it is unreasonable to leave it this way.

Click on the defender and bring up their info pop-up. One will also see an active inventory option, from which one can now control their inventory.

I see that you want specific bugs fixed, but not the ones you like to be kept as a bug. :wink:

For me it is not a bug, but well developers will probably “fix” it. :slight_smile:

I stop playing, until they fix this.
Really: This is a matter for a hotfix, since it turns the game nearly impossible to win.

Even mechanical units like the turret get psychic damage. WTF…

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Does it make the mission tougher? Yes but it doesn’t make it nearly impossible. I just finished the mission myself and didn’t lose a single soldier. Didnt bring a priest in either not that it would have mattered right now.

All this does right now is make you have to think harder and more strategic. Also the last mission should be difficult

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I don’t find the final mission any more difficult than other missions. It’s just a bullet-sponge grind. I find some of the new citadel missions more difficult and challenging vs. the grind of the final mission.

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A Bug is a Bug. If they would intend to make the last mission harder, they ought to alter certain abilities. It is written very exactly in the skill description: the priest is supposed to prevent all psychic damage within 10 tiles.