Anu: Last mission not beatable because Priestess is stuck

I finally made it to the Yuggoth Boss.

Decreased all his HP.

Now I should meld the Anu-Priestess with the Yuggoth-entity.

That is NOT possible in my game, since the Priestess got stuck between 2 Chirons and can`t move a single square. She is simply stuck in the first room.

If I had known of her importance for the ending, I would have loaded a now long lost savegame.

Is is unbelievable, that a crucial char can get stuck!

Can you Post a Screenshot or a short Video sequence? I would be interested in, to Avoid this Situation when i play this Mission for anu

Sorry, in rage I deleted all ingame savegames.
Happily I had one on Geoscape.

Just get sure, the Priestess doesn`t get stuck anywhere, or the mission will become unbeatable for you.
It can even happen, that you CAN move her into some position, but never again away.

Better don`t move her near creatures like Chirons or the 2 Scyllas.

You can use grenades or missiles on the Chiron or Scylla blocking her (hopefully not hitting her in the process). It should make the body disappear.

An other problem that was present at one time and that I experienced once (fortunately not for Anu ending) is that the gate to the end room would be passable only on the sides. Not large enough for The Exalted to pass.

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Same thing happened to me. I managed to clear a path for her by lobbing a grenade at the chiron . Luckily it only damaged the Priestess but it was a close thing- so if it happens again I’ll be sure to save before I try it.
It does seem to be yet another design flaw that should have been fixed before the game was released…

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In my Last game i had many soldiers signed by the boss ability the whole time but non of my soldiers received damage. Although the priest was far away. Normal or bug? Get the marked one damage or only the soldiers around them?

As long as your marked soldier have no friendly 5 tiles around, no one takes damage.

Even the soldier marked bei the Entity?

Normally, the marked soldier doesn’t take damage … unless he’s less than 5 tiles away from an other marked soldier.

Thanks. And it is mental damage, so a priest with the correct ability blocks the damage too, right?

Yep, put a priest (with the level 6 perk I think) and you don’t care about that (within 10 tiles around)