Kind of depressed by Epic Mega Sale

They were facebook-advertised 20% sale for the Luxury Edition and above (example UV-quote: link), one didn’t know about them unless checking the FB-page…I hate this practice…

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I can confirm this, because I bought my version with LUX15 code.
As far as I know, there were at least two such codes in circulation.
The first LUX15, which gave you a 15% discount on the purchase and another LUX10 that gave you a 10% discount on your purchase.
I think that both codes were in circulation during the EGX event in code LUX15 in 2017 and LUX10 in 2018.

Yeah, once he said the code I remembered it. They eventually made their way to the subreddit which was where I saw them as someone was asking about them there. Wasn’t a huge fan when I saw them as it reinforces not backing something early. While I know plenty of people are against backing due to concerns about a game turning into a major letdown, sales before a game is released (especially sales on anything above the base version) says why back at full price when they’re just going to release a sale before the game is even out.

Well, I first saw advertisement about Phoenix Point ("new X-Com successor, something something, bla bla bla) so I started to check what is this game about, then I saw LUX code so I have backed the game.

EDIT: Forgot about conclusion. There could be many players “seduced” in this way. :wink:

Oh I’m sure, but it then turns into a short vs long term discussion. They gained you because of the sale, but if their game was good enough then they might have gained you regardless. But what about some other player that backed early and is now put off from backing future SG games until/unless there’s a sale? What about the market as a whole where they won’t back OTHER games because they’re expecting a sale? Even if you seduce more players via sale, did you seduce enough above your regular traffic for it to be a net positive?

Sales are not so cut and dry for the developers/publishers. Clearly they’re great for the consumer in that the consumer wants to pay less. But sales can have unintended consequences for developers which in turn impacts the consumers.

I would definitely buy this game, because of early access. Without sale it would probably take me a month more to make this decision. :wink:

As you can see from my link, it started with LUX20, if not a higher number after LUX :wink:

I’m even waiting on most of my non-crowdfunging games a year or so for a decent sale, they became so commonplace there is exactly zero incentive to buy a game at launch if it’s not multi/coop…

So what are the developers doing? “Mandatory” (pre-)launch-day sales… yea, for sure it’s great for the industry… sigh…

Of course impatient people will buy them regardless, but that’s not me, costs way too much… (60$ to 60€ to local currency with local salary [and vat] makes that… insane…)