Grenades bugged or am I just unlucky?

So, I’ve seen a few playthroughs of the demo mission. In those the grenades seemed to take off almost all the queen’s armour… However, when I used both grenades and both rockets on the queen I only took off three armour. Like three armour total, not on each part. This left me dealing almost no damage to the queen and I eventually just ran out of ammo and died.
Is anyone else noticing this with grenades or was I really just struck down by the RNG gods? :stuck_out_tongue:

i shoot first on her pincers, that make her bleeding and then cant attack me, then throw granades under her legs, and then just run and hiding. she died on bleeding :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll move this into the feedback area, as this directly relates to the Backer Build 1 – and as for your question, I also bombarded the Queen with two grenades, shot three missiles into her, and the result was an almost entirely destroyed queen.

All of her legs were destroyed, the Thorax as well, and both pincers too – only the abdomen had survived, but my Sniper’s handgun made short work of that too, and eventually the Queen died. =)

Wow, I guess RNG just hates me. I played a second mission with random lay out and again I threw both grenades a single rocket and then two more grenades (which I picked up from crates) and she still had at least 3 armour on almost every part. The only exceptions were two legs which had 2 armour. Had to use my heavy to shoot one of the weakened legs down to 0 armour and then my assault guy to finish her off, since he picked up about 4 ammo packs.

It would appear from feedback I have seen so far that the level of difficulty might be quite a bit higher on the random missions. :tophat:

They downgraded the explosives in the backer build.

I actually found it the opposite. Since there were a lot more grenades and ammo to be picked up around the map it was much easier than using the limited resources you got in the fixed mission. I think there were a few more enemies but with the extra ammo and med kits it was easy enough to deal with them.

Though, in the random missions I noticed a lot of crabmen with the shield/gun combo, and that was way harder to deal with than the melee/shield or the gun/grenade combos you found in the fixed mission.

I also feel the sniper should do more damage. For someone that can easily hit weakpoints he doesn’t do nearly as much damage as other team members. For example, a headshot on a crabman with a shield should be an instakill with a sniper, in my opinion.

EDIT: I played the fixed map again and it turns out that the first time I didn’t have a single item chest spawn in. So I figured I was just stuck with whatever the soldiers brought with them. Completed it the second time without much hassle. So much easier when you don’t run out of everything, hahaha.

I’m apparently really unlucky - as my grenades have done mild damage to the Queen - like three health - but seemed ho have no impact on the majority of her armor locations. Both the quantity of the grenades on load out (one, really? Who loads out with grenades, but only brings one to the party?) and the damage done seem miserly. Even if the cracked more armor, but did less damage overall it would be an improvement in my view.

As might be inferred, I’m dying a lot, but enjoying it nonetheless.

I seem to get grenaded to hell by the aliens every time I play

Unstable voltage said that for the moment the sniper has a gun with a level 1 ignore the armour build. In the final version you will be able to upgrade your gun. In PP most of the special abilities are given by the equipment more than your soldier skills.

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I can’t say I have much experience with grenades yet, but it does seem like it makes a big difference where you throw it. I imagine it uses the actual grenade as a center of the explosion and that the actual damage from the grenade needs “line of effect” to the spot where it lands

Bleeding is your friend here. I used two grenades and 2 rockets on her which only destroyed two legs and a pincer but didn’t remove much armor. From there I destroyed another two legs with the Sniper (who can ignore some armor) and her chest with the heavy (who can shred armor). After that she had 5-6 bleed and could barely move so I let her bleed to death while focusing on others.

Of course this won’t be as effective later when they add in more of her planned abilities, but for now the big thing is removing legs and letting her bleed out.

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Based on the overrun nature of the base and them already being infected, I’ve speculated that their Haven was overrun and they attempted a tactical withdrawal only to be denied and sent on their suicide mission.