Ending Hangs? And bug report

I finally for the first time since getting the game (at backer build 3) I actually finished it! However… right at the very end when I killed the entity it died and then the game hangs at that point so I was unable to see the final screen cut for the ending…:frowning: Anyway, here is what I found during the process:

List of bugs and Strange things:

1: I noticed when I had allies (NJ) they would run into the flames and die, it is as if they don’t see it?
2: man feel through an imaginary hole in the middle of the road and died while running to location
3: man stops half way through dash when it sees an alien and you lose the rest of the dash move

4: Normal use, some times when your man is moving they stop (normal action) but after they stop you can not get back the correct spaces of your move, it rips you off a few squares, but not always?

5: Acid needs to be a one hit event and then oxidize this constant melting is just wrong and to strong
6: The Lazer rockets NEVER hit their target, stopped using them real soon waste of money
7: Mind control still stay working after you paralyze the offending alien, needs to end with paralysis

8: Research still says it is needed to be done even if you capture the following:
a) Poison worms
b) flame worms
c) Psychic Siren
I captured these many times but the research was never done on it?

9: No clear idea on what the vile is used for in the final end game? You pick it up but then what? At no point did I ever discover what or how to use it if at all? So not sure maybe this is why it hang at the end as I never used it for anything it just filled a space in the back pack?

10: The map lag for the Synedrion is almost unplayable, I wound down the graphic to zero, no shadows and low details and it helped a little but the lag was very painful, this really needs to be fixed ASAP… The other maps work fine? Except Anu is a little lagy…

Overall, it is a very stable game now, it very rarely crashes which is great! Once they sort out the acid issue and a few other small bugs it will be a very good game.

It is well on the way to being what it should be… Looking forward to seeing it progress more.

Played it again and it did not hang this time it allowed me to complete and place the vile and get to see the end cut scene, it was very good by the way! So it was because the game hung before the vile was used last time that I did not understand its purpose. However, in the replay they said the AI invented a bomb that would destroy it and all I needed to do was place the marker? But I never got this marker only the vile which of course gives a different ending… How do you get the marker?