June 2047 - first look at diplomacy

If you haven’t heard, I want to create Phoenix Point Rework Mode or Mod. Currently it has temporary code name - “JUNE 2047”. If you want to read more about it, here’s link:

But now first look about diplomacy rework in JUNE 2047.

As you probably know, whole diplomacy from “Phoenix Point base game” in JUNE 2047 is completly scrapped. There is no ANU, no NEW JERICHO, NO Synedrion anymore. The Geoscape has changed. All has really changed. I’ll be posting ideas about each individual rework in the future, each directed at specific one area of the game. And then update it after awhile. Today first look at Diplomacy area. The most important thing - the council is back.

JUNE 2047 - Reintroduction of Council - THE PHOENIX COUNCIL (PXC)

Remember the council from old Ufo Enemy Unkown? In “JUNE 2047” the council is back! The Geoscape will have actual borders presenting existing (in 2047) countries - now named - political regions (PRs). The globe has changed from start of the century and so does the political situation. Almost all countries don’t exist anymore. The Pandorans killed all population. Only the strongest ones remain. After the failure of the first Phoenix Project, PRs had only one choice to found a PHOENIX COUNCIL (PXC) and to try resurect what has failed - Phoenix Project. Now under new leadership. PRs start financing last Phoenix attempt to save humanity. Included 8 last countries (PRs) are:


  • Each of those PRs will have their own starting and current in-game statistics presenting:

→ current population of the given political region-

→ current number of military bases of the given political region

→ current number of soldiers in the army of the given political region

→ current number of vehicles in the army of the given political region

→ current number of aircrafts in the airforce of the given political region

→ current number of detected pandoran structures operating with-in borders of the given political region (and hidden global one)

  • These numbers will be influenced by player choices, actions and events

  • PHOENIX COUNCIL (PXC) is main source of financing to Phoenix Project

  • It gives a constant income, based on player performance

  • Actions of a player are influencing how council reacts

  • They can lower or increase their funding individually

  • If they’re not happy, PRs will try to lower their contribution and shift their funding to their own operations aimed at stopping pandoran threat within their borders

  • the campaign timeline will be increased to adjust to monthly reports

  • the number of missions in given month will be lowered to adjust to previous point

  • the player starts with a base in one of those 8 political regions

  • the player chooses at the beginning of the game what their starting political region is

  • each starting region gives specific modifiers to the game

  • each region has its own Points (?) to interact with. The missions/events will be spawning in those points

  • player will need to choose which countries they want to operate with, decision will have grave consquenes on other existing PRs

  • the flying range of aircrafts will be adjusted higher to allow plyaer to fly with aircraft directly without POIs across the way

  • remember the geoscape will be much simpler. there will be only 20-40 points on the whole globe, but what’s in them will change very often

  • so: 8 political regions, one starting Pheonix base - Phoenix Point, 20-40 POIs. That’s all.

  • Each POI within the political region will represent subregion capital of that PRs

  • Each PR has multiple subregions

  • Subregions will have their own statistics. And the actual missions will be spawning in subregions of PRs.

  • if number of pandoran structures in regions will go up above certain treshold, the PR can pull out of Phoenix Coucil completly, actively reducing resources given to the player

  • if all Political Regions pull out of Pheonix Counil, the player will be out resources, on their own, but will still have a path to end the game, but it will be completely different path.

  • recruitment to Pheonix Project (soldiers) will be from those 8 political regions.

  • there will be no flying to recruit feature

  • recruitment will be only from BASE Recruitment Panel

  • Phoenix Point Base can be attacked by pandorans itself, but it would fire only if player has lower than 10 army strength in the base (1 soldiers = 1 point, 1 vehicle = 3 point) and if certain requirements are met)

  • losing this mission will end the Pheonix Project, and player will lose the game

  • remember there is only deployment from main barrack feature, no flying with soldiers, no transfering soldiers outside of main base.

  • you fly with airplane to interact with missions and events but deployment is from main barrack.

  • The Phoenix Council will give their top priority missions, not doing them could lower countries support for the Project and have other implications on the dyplomacy.

  • some missions will get you more support from one PR, but decrease from the others

  • Political situations will be dynamic

  • Regions will choose their own paths to deal with pandoran threat (IDEOLOGY)

  • Player will have ability to influence some regions what they choose, but not all.

  • Some will adopt Mutation strategy. Some will adopt BIonics, Some other strategies from startegy poll.

  • Some will try to develop pandoran vaccine and vaccinate their whole population with anit-pandoran protein. This action can go massively wrong, but not in all campaigns.

  • There will be different scenarios how the global situation develops, each time you play new campaign it will be unique

  • Depending on those choices, Phoenix Council could fragement itself, creating 2-3 blocks that compete with each other to deal with Pandoran threat.

  • The player will have to choose a side if fragmentation happens or remain neutral becoming renegade faction itself.

  • This will mean that opposing blocks can actively fight with each other in some scenarios.

  • The Council can stay united, The Council can have one defecting member, can fragment into blocks, each path will be completly different and change how the game will be played.

Okay that it for now. This was the first look at diplomacy in JUNE 47. I’ll be posting some of my work from time to time. So be ready.

Again if someone wants to participate in this project please leave me msg.


Will the achievements be fixed in the mod :wink:

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Yes and No. Mod will have its own achievements :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea. But it looks like complete geoscape redesign.

I like some of the ideas… but generally I am against it. It is way against lore and cinematics. For me it wouldn’t fit the game. And it really resemble old design, which I had enough in similar titles. :wink:

Good luck in any case.

Not complete redesign. You discard all POIs and leave 20-40 on the map. Do some changes but it can work on current system. It doesn’t need to be recreated only adapted. If it’s static you modyfy static system. You not creating new, just using existing static one in new way that introducing more replayability in to the game = you can pull more new players. And in the end players will choose what they want more, not an opinion of some closed group about resemblance to some old projects.

Which were the best ideas. Like who didn’t like the council of old Ufo. If there were anu’s there, it wouldn’t be as interesting imo. But as I said let players decide.

I like some of the ideas… but generally I am against it. It is way against lore and cinematics. For me it wouldn’t fit the game. And it really resemble old design, which I had enough in similar titles.

The whole point of doing is to create sth different than basegame. So one could play it in a different way than basegame, but still in the universe of pandora virus. Cinematics that don’t fit can be discarded for mod version. Anyone who would want full pandoravirus could still play base game. It’s not one way or the other.

so probably most cinematics are out. And probably like most events, as they mention DoA, NJ or Syn or one of their leaders specifically. :slight_smile: But if you can manage to pull it off then why not. Let players decide. It may be only me who is not interested in this kind of change. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Even most of the research is out… lol. Ok. I’m not messing with your concept.

Yes. It’s a complete rework. But based on graphics and elements functioning alredy in the game. Political rework will need some new graphics but most of it is just new code behind new systems and new texts. From UI standpoint and how the game actually looks it will be very similar. It would mean someting else and numbers would work differently and obviously it will not have anu, jericho etc. Maybe some stories in archives what happened to them. But otherwise a point on the geoscape is point on geoscape. So this part looks the same only with different icons. The same with battlefied, looks and animations of enemies and most of UIs. Mod not atcually aimed at doing new art stuff only creating complex systems addressing parts of the game that have met with most criticism from people I spoke to. And to be honest I’m not interested in only twicking those base game mechanics. They will be improved in base game. I can offer something more unique that would work alongside base game.

And again, I said this before, most of this stuff I can write and code myself with some help. But there are some roadblocks. I’ve looked at the Phoenix code alredy. I don’t have access to everything. And there is also a problem with fighting compatibilty in the future. So I would need some framework reference, and coding rules to which I need to apply, to make this work without creating a situation where a player needs to revert to older version of the game. This would be detrimental both the the game and to the project. And I’m not of a fun of doing sth that has not prospect of success. So I won’t fight the devs. But I’ll try to talk to them to find some solutions. I think this project is worth pursuing both form players standpoint and devs.

I’m updating more on PP reddit. So if someone wants more information, please visit it.