1st June 2047, almost the whole population of the world was exterminated by pandorans

Hey. Good day everyone :slight_smile:

Good news. I plan to write down an actual overhaul of PP and make an mod or in-game mode to more strategy oriented players. The game will start on 1st June 2047 in one of the 8 regions of the world, chosen by the player. The region itself will have bonuses (LW vibes) that could completely change the way campaign is played. The lore is that the Phoenix couldn’t do their job and almost whole population of the world was exterminated by pandorans. Only one Phoenix Point base survived as well as 8 countries / political regions (PRs) and now it’s a battle for survival. (we’re going back to countries, not havens or factions).

This project will completely scrap all existing mechanics and create them anew but only by using existing graphics and animations.

Couple of main ideas:

  • The globe will be much simplified. you will play only in 8 regions, and have 20-40 points of interest to interact.

  • The whole globe would be covered in mist from the start

  • you start with all classes unlocked from start

  • you start with most weapons unlocked from start

  • you start with 20-30 soldiers in your base.

  • there will be limited exploring in the game, only interacting with randomly generated missions / events in regions (from missions pool that will be created)

  • deploying will work only from main base

  • We’ll scrap all airplanes types and there will be only one type.

  • Flying with soldiers will be eliminated. You will use planes to interact with missions, but deployment will be from all available soldiers you have in barracks.

  • Existing factions will be scraped completely. There will be no synedrions, no new jericho, no anu. They’ve lost and they are no more.

  • The missions will be interacted with completely differently. They will be no bases, havens, pandoran structures on the map, but you still will have them to play. They will just show up differently

  • Missions (HD, Pandoran, Base defences, etc.) will function rather as exploration sites from Antediluvian weapons events. There will be region points on the map representing countries, and missions / events will spawn in them. Doing them or not doing them will have influence on new diplomatic scope of the game.


  • rework of research

  • rework of base building

  • rework of economy

  • rework of diplomacy

  • rework of PP skills

  • rework of pandorans types/ numbers/spawns

  • rework of campaign length

  • rework of lore

  • every rework possible

It would be playable from start menu as a different mode with its own difficulty settings (if SnapShot will participate) or downloable as a mod.

Basically whole rework for more strategy players. At the beginning in planning phase we would only use what the game already has, if it can be pulled of, maybe in the future new things can be created. We use existing pieces in the game, but create completely different puzzle. Changing basically how the whole campaign is played.

For now I just plan basically do some massive brainstorming to the game and how can be played differently, write it all down and send that to Snap Shot trying convincing them that this is good idea to create. But for sure not before festering skies DLC. I have some coding / modding expierience , but I’m not really convinced coding it only on my own with other players help is good idea. Making it with SnapShot together would be more time / cost effective. And I fear something like: doing it and then some patch destroying it in 6 months when we’ll have actual people playing it. And because they can gain money from this project, so they can as well do something, right?

But for now, I’m rather interesting in brainstorming. I’m still learning the game mechanics, I’m relatively new PP player, but played all LWs and XCOMs. I will be writing all ideas down for the next month or so. Later based on what SnapShot says, we will consider if it’s worth doing anything on our own. Maybe it will not even start. I’ve fun even thinking it up, so not be super disappointed if it won’t be realized.

If anyone is interested please leave me a msg here. I’ll contact you in a week time. If you want to do something already you can write your own ideas down. I’m open to all ideas. And nothing is set in stone.


An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”

here’s some Q&As and opinions about it: