Ivisible Container in "overrun" mission

In the “Overrun” mission there is an invisible container at the entrance of the building that becomes visible if you enter into free aim.


I have “tons” of invisible obstacles in the game right now. Every map has some ditches where it block line of sight etc.
This is very annoying!!! Should be fixed soon.

Tactical play is very hard with all these “invisible walls”. Cause most time I notice it after moving the soldier…

Reported 20+ Maps already via F10.

This was not in the versions before!

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I’am experiancing the same thing. This huge container was just the most obvious example I’ve had and the only one that became visible while free aiming.

There’s floating environment props as well EplPhUM (done report the bug).

For me it looks like the game is loading the wrong assets for the maps… there might be a bug with the asset numbers. For e.g. it should load a box but the graphic is not there, cause of the missing gfx asset for it. So you cant see the box (cause of missing gfx asset) but in real it is there (we can just not see it, but game is calculating los with it).

This issue should be reviewed…

…another example:

  • grass “floating” in the air.
  • no line of sight to shoot at the chiron cause of an “invisible” object between…

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