Phoenix Point Sabotage Key Structures

Hey there,

I began playing PP today but I’m on a mission where I have to sabotage food production by destroying key structures. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve encountered a bug or not but each structure comes up white but only some I can shoot up when I come in range. Since there are a number of structures shown in white and I’m 75% complete (pure luck) can anyone tell me how to identify a key structure without having to risk injury or worse by running around the map to locate them via free aim?

Thank you.

there should be an icon and white healthbar over them

That doesn’t show UNTIL I start firing at them after I’ve found them through free aim. I’ve had this a few times now but I did have the one experience where it did happen (the health bar showing before free aim). It’s clearly a bug or some underdevelopment that needs working on because I’m now on factory sabotage and not one key structure is showing and it’s so slow trying to find them, it’s making me want to play something different. Is it a bug, do you think? Should they be showing when you hover over them or do you literally have to bust balls by taking fire while scouting every structure to find them? Either I’ll be posting in bug section or feedback next because it’s becoming more frustrating playing this than enjoyable. Thank you for your reply.

Post it in bugs

Moved this to bug discussion :slight_smile:

As usual the advice from Snapshot is to submit an F10 bug report in game.