Invisible Pandoran Structure

I’m to the point near the end of the game where Pandoran structures are being reported in my scanning areas.

I’ve come across one though, that reports as being there via the scan, but does not appear anywhere on the map.

Seems like this may be a bug.

I think that I know what you mean but I would not call this a bug. There is a pandoran structure but it is not supposed to be revealed this way. Telling more would be a spoiler, you will see :slight_smile:

I also know what he means and I would call this a bug. This structure shouldn’t simply count because it isn’t really revealed. :slight_smile:

Ohhhh okay… I got you.

It’s s a story location.

Thanks for the clarification - I am pretty sure you are right. I’ve never been this close tot eh end of the game before.

Yes, it is a bit weird. I would say it is a matter of opinion if it is a bug :slight_smile:

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yeah…I guess we should go with

“undocumented feature”



Your radar finds an alien base coordinates but you can’t see or go there. Yep, it’s bug.

or it’s hidden for story purposes.

I also see this as a bug. If it’s not to be found before an event, it should not be found. Making it detectable but not interactable leads to user doubt.

What is it they say about a duck? If it walks like a … and talks like a … Then it must be a …

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Yeah, I got this too.

Anyone else run into a situation where once the hidden colony is detected, you cannot attack any colonies anywhere? This happened on my last game and I was soooo close to actually finishing a game. Once the early November patch hit, I could no longer attack colonies. I had the hidden spot before on previous games, but I could still attack.