Well … not so good. Invalidated every save with any unit Speed over 20. No training at all for any level at any base base with quarters/facility … for any save even early ones and apparently for new games as well … For starters, so far …

Do like the new haven defenders tho …

I’m not sure what you have going on there. I’m able to load saves with soldiers who have over 20 speed (they retain whatever speed they had before the update)

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Looks like just me then … reinstall seems to have fixed problems so far, except for labelled incompatibles.

I checked my save and was fine. I am not a fan at all of the speed changes. Only the hardcore percentage wanted the nerf to make the game harder.

Now it’s going to be that bit more difficult to reach the explosive Chiron’s and other dangerous enemies quickly, and so will be far more susceptible to getting wiped out in the first turn to an enemy you will have no chance against.

Was max speed nerfed for pandorans and faction soldiers too? Or for PP only?

That’s not true. Reducing mobility was specifically mentioned by the devs in the Q&A preceding the first DLC.

It’s not about difficulty, it’s about pace and game space. Extreme mobility makes the maps feel very small and messes up the pace of the game.

So instead of adjusting difficulty so that it is more foregiving on rookie and veteran, players on all difficulty levels must have the choice to kill any enemy before it had a chance to move?.. :wink:


Just wanted to say what Voland said, but he was faster. Speed limit of 20 is really enough to do what you need to do. If you can’t reach Chiron and shoot it, which is hell of a big target btw, then you do something wrong. Making game even easier than it already is should not be the way it is designed.

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It’s true only if all sides was nerfed.

Speed change is not so significant to re-balance many aspects of the game. But yes, some Pandorans could also “benefit” from such modification. :slight_smile:

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Speed is one of core disbalanced mechanic. And it must be changed in complex. If it nerfed for PP only, than it’s stupid nerf and more disbalnce game.

I won’t discuss how great dis-balance is between PP and other factions/aliens. :smiley:

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There also seems to be a re-balancing of Will Points indirectly. The new faction units in the Haven Defence missions seem to be hellbent on getting killed. My soldiers keep panicking because of it. Now I have a great reason to first strike and use my Shotgun Terminators!

or increase WP for your soldiers.


Perhaps. I’m certainly not complaining, but I’m just finishing off a campaign on Legendary difficulty. The computer AI is very different from how I play. It was an Anu mission and they all got poisoned, but were carrying no medkits.

So ultimately I found the gameplay more intriguing, but perhaps more difficult. It’s definitely too early to give much feedback. But I like the new feature.

Maybe I am “hardcore” but I like max 20 Speed, though I don’t like +15SP to get you your first +1 , but it is what it is.

Now I could have to use double dashing, that I didn’t use due to self restrictions

You can gain control of the defenders by standing near them.

I starting a new game on Legend last night and the first (Anu) haven defense was easier because I got a LVL4 Berserker and LVL2 Assault, when I had 2 LVL2s, and 3 LVL1s with me…

Definitely has to be tested more.

I would say that what was done now is a correction of an imbalance, because it was too easy to have any or all of your soldiers with 30 speed, just by topping speed and wearing light armor (and that without dash, Frenzy, Bloodlust), with maps that are mostly under 50 tiles in length. Also, Pandorans don’t have comparable mobility. (not saying that some of them might not to be too fast, just that I don’t recall any enemy with 30 ‘raw’ speed).

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Fair enough

Yes, and I think that the Terminator build is a bit more limited consequently. It makes sense to me.

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I have a couple of issues with the update. I have not played yet, probably start new campaign tonight. Speed! Speed is the first stat that I upgrade. My soldiers are always too slow for my liking. You go and decrease the number of upgrade points my characters have, and now you upgrade the speed requirement, and you decrease the max??? If I take a soldier on 40+ missions to max their stats they should be a brutal killer. This is a silly change especially since you sped up the ODI counter. Let’s see, slow the player down, and decrease the length of the game! Sounds like a win to me Johnson!

The new scavenge type missions seems very interesting, but i don’t think you should have eliminated the old style completely. Tell me where an unlimited number of enemy forces would be coming from? We either go for realism with fantasy or full cartoon nonsense.

The game has a issue with late level maps of me not being able to move from a starting position. Literally I need to rage burst everyone that I can, and take as many shots as possible or the haven is lost in the 2nd turn.

The game currently requires you to make decisions, tough choices, but it should still allow you to lose some soldiers early on and not be 100% fubar. Currently it seems like you want a long campaign, lots of teams, lots of high rank soldiers, but only short campaign time line???

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It’s the same cost as for Willpower and, proportionally, for Strength (Strength just has a longer track to max out). The question is not so much why Speed now costs the same as the other attributes, but why did it cost less before.

I’m finding the early game much more enjoyable as a result. I already played with a soft cap of 20 on Speed before the patc, but even so getting Speed to 20 within the first couple of missions was a no-brainer.

The maps feel less cramped, on night missions perception plays a bigger role, but it’s not like the battles now go into Overwatch-creep territory. It just makes for a much ‘tighter’ experience.

Let’s see what happens in the late game - IME, 20 speed with the right kit can still allow for arbitrary positioning practically anywhere on the map.

I would suggest reviewing Frenzy (aka the haste & bravery spell) because it’s way OP and Pandorans use it too.

There is a Mist Sentinel on all scavenging maps. It detects the presence of Phoenix Point operatives and calls for Pandorans to come to the location. (and if you kill it before it can sound the alarm, the Pandorans realize that it’s gone from their network and call all critters on the surroundings to assist).

Or that’s the way I see it.

Don’t worry, they don’t arrive en masse (or at least not in the early game), and these missions are not any more difficult than before.

In any case, it’s a much more understandable scenario than Pandorans destroying crates with valuables because PP operatives are on the scene… Where did those missions fall on the realism vs full cartoon nonsense meter? :wink:

Btw, About the pace of the game, there are big changes coming to the ODI and exploration in the next big update…