Is there a place to send bugged save game files?

I’m encountering a load error on saved games during haven assaults and Pandoran Lair attacks. It’s becoming such an issue that it’s making it impossible for me to save during a fight and coming back to the game later.

If there an address where I can send these GD bugged files so we can get a fix? It’s becoming a point where I want to flip my desk and hulk out rage in frustration.

After first incident I quit out of the game and verified game files using the Epic Game Launcher. I reloaded the game and tried again, no luck-- get a message that there was an error loading the file, and it booted me back to the Main Menu. I then tried again, but this time the game hanged on the loading screen for a good hour before I force quit the game. Again, verified game files from the Epic Game Launcher.

A night later I opened a previous save from the Campaign View and replayed to the point of the Pandoran Lair attack, played through with no issues (including this time saving two different files for the fight, to test reload ability) and made it through with no problems.

Two nights later, I’m doing a Haven Assault and had to save my game to come back to the fight. When I went to load the save, I received an error loading the file. Same issue as before.

Needless to say I am extremely frustrated with the game and angry-- the game is dicey to quit during fight and I risk progress during such. I would like to see this issue resolved, which is why I am asking if Snapshot is willing to receive these game files to find the bugs and squash them.

Thanks in advance (and merry christmas, though at this point I’m going to need a lot to continue my merriment).

I don’t know whether F12 will work on the problem you are describing, but that is the go-to for all bugs in this game. Any time something glitches or crashes, press F12 and write a report.

Thanks, MichaelIgnotus. I’ll try that next time. I will admit, this is my first time to the Snapshot Forums, even though I’m a kickstarter backer from way back. I only started playing the finished game.