Endless Loading Haven Defense Mission

Okay, so I’ve tried multiple times to load this mission, but it’ll always get stuck in an endless loading screen. I’m not sure what other information you may need, but I’ve saved a copy of this save just in case.

In short, this is a NJ haven under attack by DA. I suspect it might be due to the 0 attack force remaining, but I’m not sure.

Please use the F12 in game bug reporter to report it

Hey :slight_smile:

Can you press F12 anytime ingame for generating an automated bug report, that will include a screen, a small textbox you can fill with your comments, and a screenshot of your game windows.

All will be zip’ped and send to the dev team so they can inquiry, but it will probably take some time considering the number of report send, still, a good way to help during the beta stages of the game ^^

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