Is Redeemer considered as "Handgun"?

I equipped this weapon on an Assault Class and check his Aim. Then compared it with an Assault with Trooper perk, seems similar Aim.

So I checked around and found that Redeemer is:

>         Disciples of Anu Virus Rifle
> </Description>
> <Category key="KEY_ITEM_TYPE_HANDGUN">
>         HANDGUN
> </Category>

So I need to find a Priest with Handgun perks to have better aim?

Can anyone confirm?

According to the wiki it is considered as a “Viral Weapon”, only Priests are proficient (Proficiency with viral weapons) and there is no personal perk (as there is none for crossbows).

Here are all handguns (pistols): Sniper weapons -

So I did a test:

Assault with Handgun perk, equipped with:

  1. Deimos
  2. Redeemer (17 Range)
  3. Sanctifier (17 Range)
    Aimed Redeemer and Sanctifier at same target: Sanctifier had smaller circle.

Wiki is correct. Handgun perk does not improve Redeemer’s aim.
Priests sux: Too slow, bad aim, too late to the party.

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Dual class to existing and better levelled soldiers = good choice IMO

On its own they are not that bad but also not that powerful, they are specialists, the same as with Technician and Infiltrator.

Neither Quick Aim (double class with Sniper) nor Sniperist perk has any effect on Subjugator too?

“Classwise” it is also only a Viral Weapon but not a Sniper Rifle … it is the sniper variant of a viral weapon.

Quick Aim works with all weapons so will work with this. Same with the cheap overwatch ability.

Only if the proficiency is given, so you have to cross class to Priest to get Quick Aim and Extreme Focus (the cheap overwatch) work with the Subjugator, this is the only way.

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Scylla is my main monster problem. It is just too tough to take down with bullets. Paralyze is great, but it takes too long to do that while needing to take out the other monsters. PANIC came to mind.

Though Scylla is huge and can be hit from afar, Priests are too slow to get into position to shoot. I found a better alternative: Biochemist + Shardgun! Dash into position, shoot, dash out. Two shots and Scylla is out!

Suddenly, the game broke once more…

Ah never knew or noticed that - then again I almost never use unproficient weapons

If you shred the armour they last <2 rounds of focus fire. They usually start out out of the way so I try to clear up most adds before waking them up then shred the armour then they melt. Usually a heavy will shout at them once or twice to mitigate their nasty attacks. Really paralysing them takes longer, partly because not everyone will be able to contribute. Biochemist plus Shotgun or PDW is good to control them though for sure.
Also much harder with fewer guys.