Mercy Me (Shotgun thread)

So, I had one game where I found a couple Mercy shotguns, but managed to accidentally restart over it before I used it. Anyone have any boomstick perceptions to share?

quite good to be honest, but you have to get close. You can one-shot most of the enemies, careful with the shields, and probably even a sentinel if you get lucky. I had bad shots only once or twice. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have reaction fire. Recommeded for small closed spaces, like Havens and nests (it can one-shot even the eggs).
I suggest to use a lot with exertion, especially since will points are easily accumulated with the jet jumping heavy.

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Luck is not needed. You make ‘BOOM’ and terror and hatching sentinels die, just be sure that whole reticle is on sentinel torso. with the mist sentinel you aim at its head which will disable its abilities, and after that one shot from pistol should finish the job.

It is powerful weapon on close range. But you won’t Return Fire or use Rapid Clearance, thus i prefer to give it to Technician who doesn’t have any weapon related skills.

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I should try that, with tech Nr. 2. I have one with an assault because with exertion I can close up as much as possible even from afar. I have more room for improvisation, more so if I get a “unlucky” shot while flanking a shielded crab.


I had given it to my tech as a second weapon, too, actually. He had a ton of free weight, and no need to carry medkits or anything.

IMO, the Shotgons are pretty good. I really lke them on my assaults. I learned the hard way to be cautious about where you fire your boomstick. Accidentally blew away my Specialist when he was too near a crab. :frowning:

Yeah, definitely need to be conscious of friendly fire. I’ve managed to get some going in my current playthrough. My tech and sniper both have them now. Sadly, my tech got mind fragged and decided to use his boomstick on my assault (cat decided to end turn on me on the round after he got snatched, so they got him and my sniper.). Was thankfully saved by heavy having a pistol backup, and the return fire from my assault miraculously saving my tech. Thank God for small favors.

3 assault guys with shotguns, they totally wipe out those crabs as long as the others provide assistance like tech with his ability to give 5 will to every squad mate and the heay that jumps around getting those will bonus on blue light objective, kinda famous strategy around here. Mainly assault rifle and a shotgun as backup weapon and you make those crabs go panic :grinning:

Part 2, Has anyone found a PX Assault Rifle yet? I see it listed in manual, but have only found the gl and shotgun, as far as I can tell.

As far as we know, it didn’t make it into Backer Build 3.

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