Is living weapons and chitin armor pack only available in deluxe edition?

Brought the base edition, and since currently epic store is on sale so took a look at the dlcs, then I notice that the deluxe edition contains the alien living weapons and chitin armor pack, which seems doesn’t included in the season pass and I haven’t seen a separate purchase, so is these two dlcs exclusive for deluxe edition?

Edit: Well…the living weapons pack already released as separate purchase, how can I didn’t see that? Guessed chitin armor pack is coming soon

It’s available as a separate purchase and is not included in the season pass.

@UnstableVoltage Was that in the version of the game supplied to backers? Or do we need to purchase that separately? I don’t see that in my options when I start a new game.

The Living Weapon Pack came with the Luxury Digital Edition / Deluxe Edition and higher.

It wasn’t/isn’t included with the Digital Download, Digital Extras, Early Bird Digital or Base Editions.

@UnstableVoltage Will those who did not purchase the Deluxe Edition be able to acquire it via other means in the future?

The “Living Weapons Pack” DLC is already in the epic shop, pretty cheap for not very much content:


Ah Completely forgot about it. I will wait for my gog key first, though.