Which Missions Allow More Than 8 For Deployment

Basically we are limited to 8 units for deployment. However, I recall some missions allowing 9. Are these just the last/final missions?

Then there is the Phoenix Point FAQ that implies the maximum squad size can be up to 16:

  • When you said 4+ squads, that means the starting lineup is 4?

Four is the lower limit for deploying a squad, not a starting limit. Squad Sizes can be as high as 16, depending on the transport available and the type of mission. A more limiting factor on squad size would be the scarcity of recruits and ongoing injuries (or mental traumas) of soldiers.

I’d say the FAQ is outdated. You clearly can deploy only one guy.
I don’t remember any mission that allows more than 9.
Although I use the mod that removes the restriction, I very rarely deploy more than 8 anyway.

I guess they are too busy swatting and stumping bugs and hopefully re-balancing the game to deal wilh misinformation. Which by the way, should have been corrected/updated before the release of the product.

There’s a post on canny asking for the squad sizes to be increased if you want to add your name to it. https://phoenixpoint.canny.io/feedback/p/dont-limit-squad-size

It’s been some time (last play through attempt) where I had to defend a crowded PP Base. I don’t recall how many units where deployed, but way more than 9 (perhaps 16?).

Yes, good way to check, I thought recruits in a plane at the base wouldn’t participate, had 9 soldiers and 1 vehicle, low level non equipped soldiers participated. I remind 3 and I think there was 4 in plane.

In term of slots, it’s 15, or 16 if I don’t remind well. I can check with some reload with 9 + vehicle + 4 + 2.

EDIT: Ok 16 plane slots max for base defense. 13 soldiers and a vehicle. There was 9 soldiers and a vehicle in base + 3 soldiers in a plane at base + 2 soldiers in a second plane at base.

I don’t even want larger squads, 8 is fine. I do wonder though why it’s not either 6 (one Manticore) or 12 (two Manticores). Seems weird that you can bring 12 guys to a mission site but then 4 of them have to chill on the aircraft.

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Late in the game, I basically have 3 units. 1 is my crack Citadel or Haven Defense mix.(5 per Helios = 10). I can pick and choose the units for the particular task they have at hand. I don’t use the same mix for different jobs. Basically they airborne all the time unless fighting or healing/resting up.

The other 2 are my base defense squads – 7 units per squad. Again, 2 Helios per team (fast transit between bases).

It’s because the largest ship has eight slots, nothing more to it.

Makes sense then, haven’t progressed to that yet. Just assumed we’re stuck with Manticores for the whole campaign.