Is endless game possible now?

Is it possible to prevent heaven pop from dieing by protecting them in late game? Or is it still a time attack, where you have a fixed amount of time, depending of difficulty setting like previous version with the ODI System?

One can slow it down by defending havens and destroying enemy bases. But one can’t stop it. Starvation in havens also has an effect.

Is difficulty setting still the time limiting factor in the game? Last version, ODI was around 3/4/5/6 month game duration, depending of your own performance. So in the current version, is pop dieing rate affected by difficuilty setting, so highest difficulty, pops die in 3 month?

I’m not sure about the timeline, but it is tied to difficulty levels. I forgot to mention that repairing facilities at havens also helps stave off their losses.

what kind of facilities? food production?

I’m pretty sure all of them. If a haven doesn’t have a food facility, but can produce something to trade for food - energy - residential - even missions/temples as that’s how Anu increases their population.

interesting, but activating bases is pretty expensive, I don’t know if I can spare those required resources for repairings

Steam, what you need, Etermes :crazy_face: