Heaven defense mission

there’s a way to reduce the heaven’s attack? they literally spawn one after another not giving you time to progress anything it’s kinda ruin the experience and make the game extremely repetitive and boring
this game need a lot of work you should have think about it before launching this utter disaster

What’s your ODI ?
By the time haven defense start spawning like daisies you should really have explored a good chunk of the map … or even finished the game.
I tried once to lose the game (to see the cutscene) and it was long (very long) before the ODI reached 100%. And indeed the higher it got and the more attacks there were.

You must detroy nests/lairs/citadels to lower rate of aliens attacks. This will also decrease the global timer so will help make it stagnate longer.

But also it’s aimed to let many Haven destroyed.

Or…do you mean attacks on havens by other factions?

I had that happen in a previous playthrough. The way i got there was by doing my best to not gain favor with any one faction in particular.
This let to all faction to declare was on eachother and attacks multiple times per ingame day somewhere on the globe.
I abandoned that playthrough because i lost supply options by the minute with no way to counter.

Wars can generate a burst of haven defense, this doesn’t last long, at least it never for me.

Synedrion has a couple of havens in Antarctica. Neither have anything of real interest and have low defense (6 & 11). What is interesting is the one with a level 6 defense is always getting hit by the Pandorans with an attacking force of 0. Of course Synedrion always wins. Just wished I had to deal with Pandoran attack forces of 0. :grinning:

In my actual playthrough I had ODI 68 % and 7 alien citadels on the map (at least the visible ones).

I cleared all citadels, but havens kept being attacked very regularly.
How comes?
Have invisible colonies spawned that attacks or does the game spawn them nevertheless, as the mist grows?

If colonies are responsible:
Can the ODI be halted bei raiding all colonies (visible and invisible)? Is this after possible?

I suspect the ODI is just another gimmick of the game, implying impeding doom. But, yes one can reduce it by destroying enemy colonies. The real reason to destroy their colonies is to give one time to progress the storyline.