Infinite SP/Resource Gain Exploit

  1. Raid a Haven (Let’s say Food)
  2. Evacuate soldiers
  3. +10 SP for everyone

Bonus if there’s a crate that spawns right next to you, then you can repeatedly raid the same Haven and get infinite resources as well with no strategy/playing/tactics/thinking required!

Wow, yeah. That’s a pretty bad exploit. Maybe make it so the exit zone is on the opposite side of where your soldiers spawn? Not sure if that would help, since you could still potentially make a party of infiltrators and skill them up that way.

Or perhaps make it similar to an Ambush scenario, where you cannot exit until three turns have elapsed?

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I would personally just recommend:

  • disabling the facility that you raid and it needs to be repaired taking a long time depending on how many resources were taken + dmg to equipment was done (also detrimental to ODI)
  • once a base is on “High Alert” you’re not able to raid any part of it again for at least a week or something
  • No SP gain if evacuate within the first 3 turns

You can finish some Haven Raids in 1 turn. The issue is more, that there is no cooldown on this specific Haven for each kind of Raid. Resting become the mayor resource early/mid game, if you farm your neighbours.

In this Video i do 3 raids on Synedrion, 1x material, 1x tech, 1x science

Everthing is happen at the same day, the only limiting factor here is the resting of your soldiers.

My standard layout for a team is:

  • 1 Priest/Tech for rage and support
  • 1 Infiltrator/Assault for scouting
  • 2 Assault/Heavy for Crowd Control and killing/stunning enemies
  • 1 Sniper/Heavy for Sniper with Jetpack
  • 1 APC
  • 2 Helion

Funfact, you can get 10k Science point per day per team, if limit yourself to 20 resting power for spending there and do these missions in 2 turns, you can do these missions in 1 turn aswell, with a highly trained team, that would be 20k Science per day per team.

In comparation, 1 Science Lab produces 24 (36 with tech) sciencepoints per day.

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