Infection element

I just remembered today that earlier during the development of the game there were talks that your troops could get infected while doing missions. Game wouldn’t tell you immediately if the soldier gets infected; you would need to screen the returning soldiers of infection and administer cure if they are (perhaps it should be researched?).

Has there been any discussion about this mechanic anymore? Is the infection element scrapped? Maybe one of the DLCs will add it?

Reddit has a Q&A from 2 years ago:

"How are Operatives avoiding infection ? After all they often venture into the fog. Is there a cure ? Or a vaccine ? Because they are not wearing fully closed suits.

One must screen your operatives after they return from missions to ensure they have not been infected. Also, a vaccine will exist for curing soldiers who do get infected."

Probably not implemented yet. I may be wrong, but probably first DLC will introduce more of soldier’s properties and customization.