In mission - "Scan Area" objective

Hi there,

In some mission, the objective “Scan area” is not placed at the same spot than the visual clue.
I found this one only with luck…

And on other soldiers the most left icon is wrongly colored in yellow/orange…

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As I cannot add 2 images at a time:

Are you playing the latest version? 1.7.3? I am pretty sure this was fixed with Phoenix Point v. Necronomicon 1.7 - 26/08/2020.

If you are playing the latest version then please report it by pressing F12 in-game after the problem occurs and send us a report. That way we will get your settings, logs, saves, etc.

I have seen this a number of times. Where the Objectives Glowy, is covered by furniture, or terrain you have to destroy, to get at and complete the mission. :open_mouth:
I imagine some Collision Mechanic could be developed to keep this from happening, if the placement of Objectives is random on the map.