Free Camera - how does it work?

I select it in Settings but see no way in key assignments to move about freely or zoom in and out freely. I do see some screen shots posted online that seem to imply this is possible. Am I missing something?

I believe it provides more granular rotation of the map vs. the standard 90-degree turns.

It does rotate maps in finer segments, but it does nothing that I can discover to allow us to zoom around map and look freely in different directions, etc.

Works exactly like this.

Then its not a “free camera” but more of a “rotation control” mechanism. Very poor choice of name for this mechanism.

T and G keys zooms in and out.

If you want to control the camera angle, I think you can’t.

I never had it active because it was too slow.
I’d have to test it now with my new graphics card (self christmas gift :grin:).

EDIT: so smooth, love it