Improved AI is a bit ... well, something

I now get even more game freezes than before the patch to correct them but I’d like to ask about the new AI. Is it designed to spam you with infinte grenades, destroy your weapons and kill you on the first turn with return fire from miles away (etc)? The annoying thing is they shoot themselves as much as me, but do no damage to thier own equipment, but often one-shot me. Cause currently I get to maybe round 3 of a fight if I’m lucky before something goes wrong and I just give up because I’ve started a new game, have nothing coming in by way of resources, etc so losing a trooper at this stage with overwhelming enemy numbers just means it’s only time before the crash or wipeout gets me. So I all I can really test is starting again and the strategy layer which only seems to have the one problem of still sometimes being unable to join a battle in a haven/nest.

Of course things will be fixed manana, but at this moment in time as I can’t play I can’t really test for any bug other than the apparently fixed game freeze. I have also noticed that the game now stutters as though the frame rate has suddenly dropped but can see no reason for this. It’s happened in a couple of scenarios now.

Will there now be periodic updates or should I just shelve it until the next build as I suspect pretty much all of the problems have now been identified (and haven’t been fixed by the last update).