Improve difficulty in Final Mission – Update it with Myrmidons, Acherons, etc

What? SA is compatible with anything because it is a flat 50% damage increase regardless of weapon or other skills usage.
And “only” 50% damage increase …

Yeah, OK, still complaining about the suggestions and no own idea, I guess we have to agree to disagree …

Edit: AGAIN, we create nothing, we only show what is wrong with the game from our perspective. You don’t have to agree with that, it is fine, but insisting something we never wanted to do without coming with your own idea or vision is just not leading to anything.

But synergy is the point. Sneak + Quick Shot or Adrenaline should be strong. Otherwise why even have dual classing, if you cut off any synergy potential at root?

It’s fine for single classes to be lesser early game builds and require dual class synergy to reach full potential, but said full potential shouldn’t reach “kill anything on first turn with handful of units” level.

If you talk about the SUGGESTION for Sneak Attack than I can say that I’m not completely fine with that, mainly because of what you say. But this is not the point of this document, I don’t know how often I should say that.
SG will most likely NOT implement the suggestions from this document and they are NOT the main point of this doc.

Can you agree that a combo of QA or AR + SA, so +150% damage for 2 AP weapons without any tactical choice, just by clicking a button, is simply too much for an unconditional buff? Even more for any 1 AP weapon?

If not then we don’t need to discuss further, it makes no sense :man_shrugging:

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