Game crash in haven defence

Firing explosives in Haven defence missions
game tends to crash if a building is caught in the blast.

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yokes jokes :slight_smile:

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Today, we learned what it looks like when the A. I. flips over the game board.

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Just got the game, installed BB4 and having the same problem, any update on this?

Since BB5 will be coming in three days, it’s fair to say the issue will be solved. Until then, we’ll just have to not get a building in the way of an explosion.

Ahh, fair enough, hard when a crabman fires a grenade at you though…

However, is there no real downside to not taking the mission at this point because it’s still an unfinished game? IE the brass won’t shut me down cause I didn’t save the day?

correct. Also, in the final game it won’t be like in the XCOMs where retreating is considered a total failure.

Now that makes me curious how death and defeat will be handled in the final game. Julian said soldiers won’t get killed that easily, but will instead get mentally and physically scarred. And retreat seems to be a viable option as well, then

Downside is quite small right now… people will die, but not your people. :wink: But in final game I suppose it would be wise to help them if you don’t want to loose place to trade, increase diplomacy rating and recruit soldiers, or even steal. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kings_Rook for the Beta advice, my other half is working all weekend and on back shifts next week, only reason I plumped for the game when I did!!! I can skip haven and continue to play!

Samshell, you make an amazing point. I’ve only watched a couple of vids about Phoenix Point but have played xcom since UFO on a floppy disk on an Amiga (and almost every iteration, copy, game like). Soldier death and mission failure was easy to attain and hard to deal with.

It also makes me think, why on earth would I send a soldier that’s been damaged in to combat(physically or mentally)? where are the benefits? Does a soldier gain perks for being a veteran?

Well main goal is to stop or at least slow down aliens. That is why you send your squads. If soldiers here will heal long enough then you will need to send them anyway just to try and help other factions. I suppose there is no real benefit for single wounded soldier, but overall you slow down enemy, acquire resources and technologies to research and eventually defeat enemy. :wink: So even wounded soldiers can contribute, and still train.

There was this idea floating around that wounded soldiers would be able, with time, to surpass their wounds to gain new abilities. So we would have this trade off of risking a disabled soldier in the hopes of getting him to a higher level.

Again, I must say, I’ve only been playing for a few hours, and there are huge amounts of the game still hidden away.

However, I’ve already recruited enough soldiers to fill my dropship and had to turn away more because I didn’t have the resources to hire them. I’m thinking either the downside of injuries can’t be as bad as the videos make out or the benefits outweigh them?

I mean, in let’s say a bunch of other xcom games, my super solder 1 of 10 could get a serious skull injury = minus 10 accuracy. Why in the world would I take that guy instead of a level 1 soldier who will be carried along by amazing armour/guns/the rest of the team?

Situation where you found ton of recruits in backers build 4 doesn’t resemble situation in final game. It is all case for balancing. There was mention that we will struggle to have full operational squad at single moment. So in time even that level 1 soldier will have probably some issues. :wink:

You will have a decision to make: Take 5 healty experienced soldiers OR take them + 1 injured. Not the case where you take 5 experienced soldier and 1 recruit OR 5 experienced soldiers and 1 wounded experienced soldier.

That’s what I’m hoping in the final game, never having an optimal scenario. Always struggling.

Well, as long as my PC doesn’t reboot when a crabman fires a grenade at my squad then I’ll be happy!

Agreed. I was under the impression that was the whole point of this venture, that’s what I got from the briefings anyway. Will be interesting to see how it’s handled as the campaign plays out. Can’t wait to have a group of battle hardened but somewhat mentally scarred soldiers who kill crabbies like it ain’t no thing :sunglasses: