Some things that makes playing is game really annoying

Dear Snapshot,

i really like games that are hard but in Phönix Point it is not possible to “win” any of the missions where you have to defend maschines or people.

First thing the people run into aliens is nor only unreal. I mean would you guys run in someone who wants to kill you?
That makes it impossible to rescue them.

Secound thing the aliens spawn everywhere on the map so mostly near your mission target.
So your not able to get there before they destroy them. It is kind of realistic but you didn’t have a chance to “win”.
Third thing aiming of the “soldiers” really they are so bad that they not even hit anything on a distance wider then 4 or 5 “meters”. But the aliens hit mostly all their bullets when they fire from 6 “meters”
I would say it is like you figth with guys who didn’t used a weapon before.
Fourth thing It is really nice that you creat the map more or less random. But like in point two your unable to win when all ways are blocked to your mission target and an alien stands near by and destroys it before you can get there.

So it would be nice if you programm a game that makes it possible to win. Like in other games where you have 5 to 6 rounds before the enemy starts to destroy the target or that only one enemy per round damages it.
And pls dont let people we need to rescue run in the enemy thats just stupid.

The thing with soldiers firing all there bullets in on edge of the wall they stand behind is an other thing that i didn’t understand.
What would you do when you are behind a wall and want to fire your weapon?
Mybe you would take a step to a side and do it then or you would hold your weapon in the hole of the wall and fire it.

So all in all the KI of the soldiers is just fucked up.

All in All I really had hopes that the game would be nice(buyed it to backer build one) but it is just another good idea that gets stuck and some wasted money.

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Maybe you didn’t realise that you don’t have to rescue all civilians or save all structures. You win even if none of civilians or structures survive, but all enemies are dead. I would say that it is almost impossible to loose such mission. :wink:

btw, civilians AI will improve. There will be also faction’s defending soldiers except your soldiers.

Random maps with random spawns for enemy and their targets are quite interesting. Sometimes you just get bad luck like in real life. :wink:

And one more thing. This will probably change but currently players can kill all aliens in first turn so they actually save all civilians and structures. SO it is possible to have a clear “win”.

I’m not sure what are you talking about but almost all our weapons have better accuracy than alien machine gun. So I don’t get it. All soldiers can hit aliens with almost 100% accuracy on close range. Maybe try to change aim next time. :wink:

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These missions are very doable tbh, now I don’t want this to turn into a “git gud” post… So may I ask a few specifics on how you’re handling these missions?? What’s your first turn like? What’s the squad make-up/level? How many enemies are you spotting on turn 1?? Etc…

One of the things I do, is move forward towards the objective very aggressively with my armored units. Jet pack plus exertion is a wonderful combo for this. If your level doesn’t allow this and you’re lacking a vehicle (vehicles are also good for aggressive plays). Just do the best you can, take a few losses but make sure you’re clearing the map of enemies so you get the experience of the mission. Focus on leveling your team early on.

I certainly agree that the civilian ai needs a lot of work, but that is something that is currently being worked on as stated by yokes.

Hmm… gotta disagree here, this has not been my experience with the game thus far. There are a lot of powerful perks and abilities that either increase proficiency with a weapon. Or allow you to shoot so much in a turn that the accuracy doesn’t even matter anymore. (Looking at you exertion!! I expect a nerf in BB5 tbh) So I’ll leave iff with saying that if this is your experience then I think you may be choosing your shots poorly.

@crowd If you want I can record a video for you showcasing how accurate weapons are on 4 meters, even in hands of 1st level soldiers. I can bet that more than 85% or maybe even more than 90% of bullets (overall, not with each weapon) will land on standard enemy which is any variant of crabman. If you want to see that, I will fire one burst/shot of each weapon at enemy even standing behind some partial cover.

EDIT: Maybe you should watch this as game currently is lacking any tutorial. One of developers explains how aiming is working:

Will repeat things that were already said, but …
In BB4, they set the physics so that destroying a wall is easy to test the engine. Final game won’t be like that.
Remind yourself that this is early alpha builds lacking lots of features, no balancing done and very basic AI (except maybe mindfraggers that place themselves quite intelligently).
If you have bad luck, your campaign starts and enemies have machine guns, grenade launchers and spitter head. Such a mission is hard with rookies (was my first playthrough) and I lost 3 guys but still won the mission. Start a new campaign to get an easier beggining.
Once your troops level enough, you get exertion and missions become so easy. As Yokes said, you can kill all aliens in one turn and lose no materials or civilians. Or make them panic and they simply sit and do nothing for a turn.
I found accuracy to be just right. Maybe you don’t know how to manual aim. Sometimes auto-aim is not that good at maximizing your chances.
Use explosives, rockets are free currently.

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I think one problem is that if your guys are on a roof they’ll sometimes hit the cover as they shoot, which can be very annoying, but I think that’s something Snapshot is aware of and will fix.

Aside from that…

Civilians just wander into the arms of the aliens

That’s Phoenix Point, baby!

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Haha, do you remember such thread? :slight_smile:

I wonder how many more posts will also touch the issue of randomness and inaccuracy on some distance. :smiley:

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I played the last one with only lvl 2 soldiers and one lvl 1. ( 2 snipers,1 mechanic, 1 heavy, 2 troopers)
Mostly I play a mission that way:
Get view of 1 or 2 enemies (it is a bit slow but I dont want to lose many soldiers)
Kill these enemies
look for the next enemies
and so on.
Mybe it is the wrong taktik for this game but with the other things that you need to do within the mission like spread your soldiers to avoid granate attacks, look for cover and so on.
The main target should be to have a chance to at least save on mission target. And this was in all mission I played so far not even close to possible.

The thing with the haevy armored guys: On lvl 2 they are all very squishy.

Some of you said go agressiv and take some loses.That is the american way of life :wink:
It was in all 3 games i started every time the 1st or 2end mission so there is no chance to level my soldiers. And that is mostly the point.
Mybe my understanding is a bit wrong but should the game start a bit slow with easy missions early on so you can level your soldiers a bit or should it be like: Hey the first 10 missions your not able to fullfill the mission target but after that you have a chance to do something when your soliders survive and you can level them.
Mybe with end game lvled soldiers it is possible to kill all enemies in the first round but m
not with lvl 2.
And I change the aim on every try to shoot trying to get most of the alien in the aim radar.
I thing most of you didn’t get the point: It is just not really nice when you cant fullfill the mission target.(like Yokes for example)
To Yokes: Yes this is the internet and you can do what ever you want and blame who you want but please read the whole post or go to crazyshit and have your fun!

Your last point was this is just an early alpha! Really? I mean I understood that the Release is planed this year so it should be a bit late to say it is just the alpha.

I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable.

But yes Backers Build 4 is still pre-alpha. Backers Build 5 which will be in next week should be like beta. I don’t know if it will be balanced in any way, maybe in some way yes.

But BB4 is not balanced and first missions can be tough. As I said you don’t need to fulfill secondary objectives where you save all civilians or structures. It is case where you have weak soldiers and you can’t do all the things. Probably full game will have it sorted out when there will be tutorials, programmed alien progression and all difficulty levels.

Your way of play is good enough. It is quite similar to mine. But it is decision you need to make:

  • do you play aggressively and try to save as many objectives as you can risking your soldiers, or
  • do you play safely to not loose any soldier but you sacrifice objective

its not realy an alpha build the backer builds are just something for the backers to play whilst the game comes out, just so happens they are using it as a kind of alpha so we can look for bugs and give feedback so snapshot can tweek the game. snapshot also dont want to give too much of the gameplay and enemies away so we get toned down versions. wait till the main game comes out I think you will change your opinion on a lot of stuff :grin:


Its paid and beta testing and early acess and extra cash while developing :slight_smile: