Buying the game in Steam


All my games in Steam. I want to buy your wonderful game in the Steam.

Everyone wants it on steam/gog. We’re only here because we love the game so much that we went with a unthinkable compromise. As far as I understand, the exclusivity deal runs out end of this year.

Epic has an exclusivity deal until Dec 3rd 2020, when to the best of my knowledge, the game will be released on both Steam and GoG.

The original backers of the game who waited for the Steam release will also receive the first 3 DLCs for free as compensation for the delay. Everyone else will have to buy it as ‘Phoenix Point: Year One’.

From another thread:

Snapshot has given to original backers (those who backed the game before the Epic exclusivity was announced) Season Pass as compensation, which includes 5 DLCs, so more then originally promised.