I preordered the signature edition back in christmas how do i get new backer builds?

so the title says it all could not figure out a way for the title to give an idea of what i was asking without writing it all

you’ll have been sent an email from contact@snapshotgames.com titled “Your key for Backer Build 4” back on March 27th. If you cannot find it, check your spam/trash folder. If you are using a gmail account, check under promotions. If the email address associated with your method of payment is different from your regular email account, check there. If you still cannot find it, email contact@snapshotgames.com

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the game was a gift from someone and it was in their email account is there any way to make my account be the receiver of the emails?

technically you should already be the receiver of the emails but the payment processor (Xsolla) only sent the email address of the person that paid, not the recipient of the gift. Not sure if that problem still happens, but I suspect so.

I’d send off an email to contact@snapshotgames.com and get their assistance.

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