Already a 'backer' from last year

Hello. I paid for a spot last year that included putting my name in the game. I got it during a sale, so I paid in the area of $70 for the $90 membership (prices are guesses as it was a while ago.) I use to get updates and test versions of the game, but I no longer receive these. Am I still considered a backer and do I still an early copy of this great looking game?

Please help me to understand if this is correct or if I have to repurchase something I already bought.

Thank you
Lady Snow

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You will receive next e-mail near September 3rd.

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Yes, you are still considered a backer.

You should have received an email from titled “Your key for Backer Build 4.” Have a look in your spam/trash folders for it. If you are using a gmail or hotmail account, check under promotions. If the email address you are search is different to the one associated with your method of payment, check there. If you still cannot find it, send an email to