I like the pure/forsaken

I haven’t gone through the whole dlc yet in fact mostly just started but I like the art direction/feel/lore of the pure and forsaken, just wanted to say I appreciate it. (they are however, annoying buggers to fight in havens/scavenging missions!)

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it was better if they were a challenge how they fight you instead of the challenge posed by abnormal armored early opponents. During my hours of gameplay i can feel the improvements made but need a change in the way of you think.

Dash is now useless with the 1 action point added to perform the action just make the entire skill out of purpose. Instead of the cost in AP i will increase the WP initial cost and double the next use on the same turn exponentially, like 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 in this case you cannot abuse and if it so it has limit. Mind crush and other cheese skills abused can use the same method. Increasing the cost using them in the same turn…

Sniper rifles, should have some armor piercing on their own and shurely if the PP pistol can do 50 dmg the sniper can’t do 110,sniper rifle dmg should beh raise across the board.

Mission that include the pure and forsaken i had encountered so far are just a bunch of super armored goons. If you had in mind to correct the fast progress of the enemey this is your step back, solve a problem and turn beck to the problem and make it useless…

Panic behaviour, they should get away from what they fear as far as possible not walk among them.

Keep in mind even if it look that i complain about the game, is that i want that it to succede because i believe and hope for the best for this title, to say to other people hey buddy PP is just amazing you have to try it.