Cannot figure out how to win the game

okey I did all the main missions then the main missions stopped coming. I was just left with random main objectives like defeat a citadel or lair even though I had already beaten a dozen of these. I was doing the disciples of anu side missions because they were my favorite and I wanted their ending. I finished the mission with the disciple of anu civil war where I had to protect the mutant lady leader I forgot her name. After that the leader said her scientists would contact me but they never did.

on a side note I beat lairs not by fighting I just rush like crazy to the spawning creature objective and one shot it with minnigun. Its not possible to win by fighting because the enemies respawn immediately after you kill them on the lair. On citadel I do not think they are respawning at all but everyone kills the queen in a few minutes to win citadel anyway.

Check in the top left side of your screen. In yellow you probably have some stuff to do.
Even if you go full Anu …
You still need to finish Phoenix Point story-line to get the Sphere.
You still need to capture a Siren and research “telepathic nodule”.
You still need to capture a Scylla.

I’m looking for a good exploit to beat lairs. I don’t see how it works, target has 1500HP. I also don’t see how you can get through without risk a Siren control, or some shoot at your soldier.

Good exploit to beat Lairs & Citadels:

6 Assault
Skills - Rally

1 Heavy
Skills - Heavy Burst, Strongman (for 30% increased damage), New Class (choose Assault), Dash (after choosing Assault as secondary class. This is to gain movement points)
Weapon - Deceptor Machine Gun


  1. Start the mission by running in all directions and identifying the location of the Scylla (Citadel) / Spawnery (Lair)
  2. Restart mission
  3. Use Heavy to jump jet in the direction of the Scylla (Citadel) / Spawnery (Lair) (3 AP & 2 WP)
  4. Use Rally 3 times from 3 out of 6 of your Assault members (Your Heavy gains 3 AP)
  5. Jump jet a 2nd time (3 AP & 2 WP)
  6. Use Rally 3 times from the remaining 3 Assault members (Your Heavy gains another 3 AP)
  7. Jump jet a 3rd time (3 AP & 2 WP)
  8. Usually by the 3rd jump, your Heavy should be standing in front of the Scylla (Citadel) / Spawnery (Lair). Use Rage Burst (with fully loaded Deceptor MG, 5 WP)
  9. Scylla (Citadel) / Spawnery (Lair) dies. Mission complete.

In total, your heavy will use 9 AP and 11 WP, of which 6 AP is gained via Rally, while you start with 4 AP. So you have an access of 1 AP, with the option to use Dash (at the cost of additional WP) to maneuver yourself around obstacles to get maximum range from your jumping. So you should spend stats points to get more WP. The more WP you have, the more times you can use Dash to go around obstacles.

And this is to beat the mission on the very 1st round, so no damage taken.

Tips - For lair, try jumping from high ground to high ground, so it might be worthwhile to Dash and climb up a ladder to high ground before jumping. Spawnery is always top left or top right from where you start.

Why would you do this? If you don’t like fighting Pandorans in a tactical battle, why are you even playing the game?


Is this required for the PP win? I’ve completed the other faction wins without capturing a Scylla.

You need it to research Yuggothian Receptacle, which is needed for Virophage Injector, so necessary for PP ending.
However, in deed not necessary for faction endings.
It would seem that Anu ending doesn’t even need you to go to Antarctica. You have to capture a Siren and research Telepathic Nodule and Pandora Virus which comes after mission Frozen in Ice I think.

Lairs are trash is why.

Because Lairs are boredom. This game isn’t just Lairs thankfully. Wait they become Citadel could be another option, but a Legend, it’s not that great.

I suppose it can work, but it’s a bit heavy on team requirement.

Easiest way to beat a citadel is hit end turn as soon as the mission starts so the Scylla runs toward you/out in the open. Activate Mark for Death and then rage blast it with a Hel Cannon from a mile away. Might need a second shooter but usually not. Takes that mission longer to load than for me to finish it.

They don’t do it anymore when the auto scaling rise. But the comment was Good exploit to beat Lairs, it’s not matching for Citadels.

He asked for an ‘exploit’ and I gave him one. Just because I know an exploit, doesn’t mean i resort to it.

But for argument’s sake, I’ll answer your question. Lairs have infinitely respawning enemies, which is very un-XCOM-ish, because it forces you to end the mission as soon as possible, instead of giving the player a genuine option of risk-reward. The longer you delay, the higher the risk (of death, severe injury or ammo depletion). If the intention was to promote tactical gameplay, then there should be a finite number of enemies. I for one am a very cautious player. I take a slow and steady approach to my missions. But this method goes down the drain when enemies spawn as fast as I can kill them. So I can definitely understand the psychological need to resort to some exploit.