Hypnos update's looking snazzy

Checked on Phoenix Point after a long break.

Hypnos update looks rather promising, doesn’t it?

Indeed, my biggest problem with the game is being solved this update. I’m a happy camper.

Surely it will change some lazy things for the better.

Looking good, finally some long lasting requests are being addressed!

And I actually like that DLC4 that’ll come along in the same day will have a smaller scope, while introducing new interesting mechanics that tie into the lore of the game.

Im now expecting that DLC5 will be similar, with a patch enhancing vehicles and mutogs and the DLC introducing small but cool stuff, plus new vehicles.

One problem for those like me that have little time to play is that I really cant justify starting a DLC4 campaign when DLC5 is so near. I’ll unfortunately have to wait for DLC5 to play both. I just hope that by then most if not all game breaking bugs will be fixed too.

I feel this. Every time I think about playing the game some more, there’s a new DLC just around the corner. So now I’m waiting in perpetuity…

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Same here. Phoenix Point is constantly in my “to play” folder.

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I feel you all. And now imagine trying to play test build and then try to finish final release after the bugs are fixed. :smiley: Impossible. But some players can finish this game in few calendar days. And they get bored between these releases. I wish I had such issues. :wink:

PP and so many more :joy:
We used to wait months for new games in the past, playing the ones we had to exhaustion. Now it’s the opposite, too many games, too few really different ones, too little time to play. I wonder which is worse haha, the past or the present!

I take real-life months to finish a campaign. I don’t get bored by it though. The problem for me is that waiting so much for all DLC to release and having to restart campaigns made all my hype go away. The last time I tried playing, when DLC3 released, I just took a quick look and stopped.

When all DLC gets released I think the game will be different enough to entertain me again, but I really wish I could’ve had the full game at release. Fingers crossed that SG will make the next game feature complete at launch or invest in one or two big expansions instead of a lot of small DLC.

I am not sure how true it is for me (there is a relatively small amount of games I am interested in), though nowadays I can actually buy whatever I am interested in. The bigger problem is the “live service” nature of the titles. I find myself dragged back into games I thought I am done with - and not becasause I necessary crave for more, but because new stuff being added.

Unfortunately for PP, I didn’t find it fun enough to actually jump back with every update. Actually, I think the last time I gave it a go was when DLC1 dropped. Just recently Gears Tactics won over Phoenix Point in my gaming que, mostly because as far as I know Gears is a finished game.

I also don’t like much live service games, and end up just not playing them. It’s great to hook up kids though, who have a lot of free time. This in the game’s industry view of course, not in my own.

PP was the opposite for me. I was hooked to it for months. What ended up making me stop playing were the constant campaign breaks because of either patches or DLC. Then DLC2 was a major letdown and I stopped playing because it killed my hype. DLC3 was the one I was most hyped for, but it took so long and underdelivered so bad on the expectations for me, that I played only a few hours of it.

I’m glad that some rebalances for DLC2 are coming and I hope there’ll be some for DLC3 as well, like having some use for airship modules after the behemoth is gone. I didn’t expect any more effort to be done regarding DLC2 and it’s really good to be wrong. I’ll experience DLC3 in full along with 4 and 5.

I wanted to play gears tactics but gave up. I watched some gameplay of the beginning, it has nice mechanics like for overwatch, but seemed too repetitive up to the point that I saw. Couldn’t bother. It may even be the better game, but if PP had flourished to its full potential, GT would be no match.

There should be, but not in the coming update. When? It is hard to say.

I will run new campaign after DLC4 because it is quite good. And I don’t know nothing about DLC5 (so no point in waiting).