How to use ladders

I have no idea what keyboard key to press to be able to use ladders, been trying a few things and seen the game guide from the game menu and it doesn’t say.

Please help

You don’t interact with ladders directly, you just need to move to a tile at on a different floor and your soldier will use the ladder if they have enough action points. You can move the camera between floors with the mouse wheel, or the d-pad up and down on a controller.

Note: The Heavy can’t use ladders.

@UnstableVoltage that is not true, at least for the BB. I’ve tried:

  • Heavy with PP Heavy Armor
  • Heavy with PP Sniper Armor
  • Sniper with NJ Heavy Armor

Please clearify, is it a bug and will it be fixed or just a mistake?

@UnstableVoltage Can you please tell us if it wll be possible to use ladders with heavy Soldiers in final game or not? As you can see in my screenshot I was able to use the ladder with heavy class and heavy armor.

Currently, yes they can. But again, this could change in final balancing.

Ah, ok, I didn’t know someone said something about it before.

They hadn’t. I was just saying it could change again.