There's no way to navigate floor levels with a touchpad!

I recently took my notebook out to play PP on the go. But I had an unpleasant surprise when I found out there was simply no way to command my soldiers to the rooftops on the tatical maps. This is usually done using a mouse’s scroll wheel to see and interact with different floor levels. But for some weird reason, the usual scroll gesture for my Synaptics touchpad has no effect at all in game. Of course, that wouldn’t be a problem if there was a keyboard shortcut for that. But there isn’t! And since we can’t assign key bidings or change the mouse buttons behaviour, I’m stuck on the street level! (EDIT: keyboard shortcuts for that are Z and C keys, even though they’re not listed)
I guess that’s another perk of playing a game developed for the consoles :stuck_out_tongue:

I only play on my laptop, and I find that scrolling up or down with 2 fingers on the touchpad changes the levels for me.
Hope that helps.

It does, but it’s a bugger to control

I could’ve swore the tutorial mention a keyboard key for it. T and F or Z and X maybe?

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You’re right! Its emabarassing, but I hadn’t tried Z and C. Those are the ones, even though they’re not mentioned on the key bindings list. Thank you!

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