How to make easy easier without ruining harder modes

When “fixing” something the key is not fucking up something else in the process. The new patch fixed some exploits that fucked over people who were not abusing the exploits in the first place. For them you “fixed” something that wasn’t broken, and fucked them over in the process.

The are lots of players who still find the game brutally difficult while many others are finding it a cakewalk, making balance changes for those 2 groups very hard without screwing over one of them.

The solution might be solider bleed out timers for easy/rookie level. If you can stabilize units rather than let them die, so new player can have 2-3 units go down in a mission without the temptation to save scum, the units won’t be lost (just long recovery times) yet they won’t look like flawless mission causing the Dynamic Difficulty to kick in.

Losing half your A-team in this game can make future missions that much harder, so saving those units
will prevent new players from giving up or save scumming, without making a change to the harder mode for player that don’t want the game made easier.

A “fix” that doesn’t come at the cost of other players that don’t want your fix.